Epic, Racist?

Hmm this is a little weird. Was it a coincidence or did one of the developers put that there on purpose?

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drtysouf214029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

i don't think that was intentional. People are grasping for straws with this one. Now the Forza 2 nonsense needs to be taken care of but this is ridiculous.

Phlapp4029d ago

Excellent comment drtysouf21!

As a white man I almost feel offended that something as circumstantial as this could even be considered racism.

All of this is ridiculous and just detracts from real racism, i.e the Forza racism which should be jumped on from a great height. Why do I feel that there will be more games that have 'apparent' racisim in them coming our way?

I feel sorry for the guys at Epic who have worked hard on a fantastic game, only to have this rubbish slung at them!

Crazyglues4028d ago

I mean seriously who ok this stupid story. First of all if you ever played Gears Of War you will notice is one of the few games that Actually has other Characters that are not just White. Does that sound like a KKK game to you? As someone who played Gears and loved it I find this beyond stupid.

I'm still wondering how it got approved. This is just a sad day in gaming for because I expect better from a site like this. I would have never even approved this stupidity.

This site is not about Race, and you don't have to be black, white or purple to see that this is just stupid. Let's not post dumb stuff like this ever again.

concerned Contributor - Thank you

redsymphony4028d ago

have to agree with you on that one the forza issue is just too far and yes im Black ps....we love xbox in Jamaica too lol

live3604029d ago

Yeah I would agree with that. Its still weird though

bullet4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

I remember readding about Epic giving all proceeds to the KKK...Cliffy B had said "We will sale Gears of War to all the black people we know and then give the money to the KKK wait a couple months and then stick it to em. with huge KKK adds in future downloads"

Also did anyone notice all 360's are white? Then all of a sudden they come out with a black one with a HUGE Harddrive...


Tabasco4029d ago

HAHAHHAAH I just fell out of my chair reading that.


hey i made that joke ages ago:O

Blankman4029d ago

lol. hahaha well i too am a black guy as you can see in my picture however. I think that was put there as intentional there is no way the game testers didnt notice it. However i don't think they are racist some low level developer probably jst shoved it in there as joke

ngoniko4029d ago

omg leave epic alone and go after the idiot who made the racist car on forza 2