Official: PS3 New Sku In August & Price Cut On Older Model

Sony Corp. announced a revised PlayStation 3 console Monday with a bigger hard drive for storing downloaded content such as video games and high-definition movies.

The new $599 PS3 increases the system's storage capacity from 60 to 80 gigabytes and also includes a retail copy of the online racing title ''MotorStorm,'' a company spokesman said.

Starting Monday, the current 60 gigabyte model will cost $499 _ a $100 price drop.

The larger capacity machine won't be available in the United States and Canada until August.

It plays into the company's upcoming strategy of eventually offering
downloaded high-definition movies, video games, movie trailers and demos, Sony spokesman David Karraker said.

Karraker said Sony would use the E3 show to focus on two areas: ways to increase the number of consumers who own PS3s and other products such as the PlayStation Portable handheld system, and expanding the system's library of available games.

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jromao4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Anyway we can replace the actual 60GB Hard Drive with 160 GB HD from some brands, and PS3 runs smooth, all for $70/80 only.

highps34025d ago

Owning a 60gb from day one, this news does not bother me what so ever.

I think its great they now offer a game with their most expensive package and now for 499 you can get a 60gb ps3. Pretty Cool Deal.

Love my ps3, have owned 360's (3) and while a good system, returning gets old, fast... Wish Bioshock was going to Ps3 :)

This should only be a good thing however im sure some people will spin it someway... Going to be funny when all these people bashing the Ps3 have to get one to play Heavenly Sword and Killzone 2 :)

Good Start to E3 if you ask me :)

Omegasyde4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Horrible Idea.

They should of brought back the 20 gig model starting at $359-399.

Common Sense, since its a beginning investment sorta of like how the core system worked for MS (except each Sku has a hard drive and blue ray)

Edit: Funny how I got disagree's yet my comment made absolute sense.

This "promotion" will bite Sony in the "who yah" when they don't reach thier sales target. A safer bet would of been the one I stated above.

The average consumer looks at the price tag first, before looking at the "extra" stuff.

hazeblaze4024d ago

I agree with Omega on this one... The PS3 is my favorite console, so I'm not trolling or anything. But I do think that they should have brought back the 20GB (possibly w/ the card readers) for $300-$400. They would have had to increase production on PS3's then... they would have been selling so fast. For what you're getting, $500 is definitely a good deal... but it's still alienating a lot of buyers.

Dudeson424024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Personally, I would spring for a PS3 20g model at a 349.99 price point, and I already own a 360 and a Wii. I think that would do wonders for the console sales, and in turn, the software sales that really brings in the cash.

But i supposed 100 bucks for 20 more gigs and a game is a decent deal all the same.

chasegamez4024d ago

i have a 200g hard drive in ps3
and a 160 in the other and the hard drive
160g hd is around 80 or 90 dollars

Mishmash194024d ago

i was able to get a 500gb external hdd for $130 at best buy. the external is nice cause you can use it for both the computer and the ps3. lot of room to store whatever, and justifies the price when compared to what microsoft and sony charge for the extra memory.

Wargasm4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

even though im not much of a sony fan, i would have no choice but to buy a 20gig ps3 at $399... that would kick some serious ass

other than that.... its pretty hard to fill up my 20 gig 360 with content that i actually want to pay for.

So lets recap..... Sony took away the consumers ability to own a ps3 for $499 shortly after launch.... and then gave it back half a year later and now its supposed to be some sort of magical announcement?

ALI G4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

And E3 has not started yet.

EDIT:@ABOVE:This is going to be huge in europe,since the only SKU available is the 60GB.lowering the price by 100$ = 50£ + retailers offers .i think this will make big impact in europe.

QuackPot4024d ago

The wise buy should buy the 60G version and upgrade - if need be - to 160G.

I don't believe the 80G will do well.

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drtysouf214025d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Wonder what effect this will have on sales.

Edit: Where did my 5th bubble go? I never post negative comments about any console so what gives?

Edit: To the disagreeing people why do you disagree? Show me where i have said a negative comment about a console.

Edit: Check my comment below for proof.

kingofps34025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

hmm... lets see what Microsoft would do now? Take another billion loss and cut price? lol

Have a bubble... and that will be $12.99 ;p

Strange4024d ago

Don't worry, it's back

For those who keep on saying that Sony should announce the price cut earlier, Price cuts are ALWAYS going to be denied until the last minute. It's the only way to maintain sales until the price cut. Think of it. If they say today that the price cut will come in August, would you buy it now? Simple logic :P

Covenant4024d ago

Bubble from me, too. It seems that contributors to this site get far more negative feedback than merited. Nothing about this comment deserves negative votes.

TruthHurts4024d ago

we keep you bubbles goin.
i do anyways.

and NO, you don`t say anything bad about ANY system.
and if you did, you don`t just RANT about it.
keep it goin.

SPAWN4024d ago

You always post negative stories on the 360 while you only post positive stories on the ps3! You`re not fooling anyone, be real and cut the bull about why you don`t know why people disagree!

Covenant4024d ago

Hmm. Replying to this post has cost me a bubble.

Can't win for losing, eh?

drtysouf214024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

So i have 11 vs 14 negative stories for PS3 & 360 NOT A BIG DIFFERENCE i have a total of 15 positive 360 stories and all the rest of my submissions are either positive PS3 stories Nuetral Stories or Stories that are Tech or have nothing to do with consoles. So why am i getting persecuted when there is only a 3 story difference of negative stories between PS3 and 360. I own all consoles and love all consoles but PS3 is my favorite but i still try to treat all my submissions as fair as possible i'm not perfect but by no means am i Bad or Horrible.
Negative PS3 Stories TOTAL = 11

Positive 360 Stories TOTAL = 15

Negative 360 Stories TOTAL = 14

EZCheez4024d ago

How the hell can you disagree with him saying it's an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT?

What do you want Sony to do, take it back?

Phil Harrison at E3-"Well since the forum posters on N4G didn't seem to agree with our price drop, we've decided to cancel the entire idea."

F'ing Idiots.

MEGANE4024d ago

i have nothing to say but i feel bad 4 u so a give u + feedback. i hope u get ur bubble

Maldread4024d ago

Nice find and great news. I was glad to hear it confirmed, as i might pick up a PS3 when the big games come lather this year now.

Don`t care about the fanboys, even though they can seem to appreciate Sony`s price drop (which will mean a 360 one too, and maybe soon, which will expand Microsoft`s base as well) and competition which will benefit us costumers in the end. Positive feedback from me.

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tosh614025d ago

is this true? will this be getting a whole bunch of hits soon too?

eLiNeS4024d ago

but I can't believe there dropping the price already, so soon. The Xbox 360 has been out a year longer and I don't think they will be cutting prices for sometime. They don't need to with Halo 3 being released in only 77 days. That game alone will sell systems until after the holidays are long gone.

I would still wait on getting a PofS3. By the time the holidays roll around, there will be another $100 price cut, no doubt in my mind, what mind I have left that is.

timmyp534025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

all sony has to do is debut the video on demand on the PS3 store and then im happy

deathtok4024d ago

A 60GB DVR will only store ~7.5 hrs of HD content while an 80GB still only stores ~10 hrs. If this move was all about DVR they would do better to jump to an even larger HDD.

EZCheez4024d ago

That right now when you buy a PS3 you also get five free Blu-Ray movies with a mail-in offer! I'm starting to think I should have waited a few more months!

I only hope that the packaged game coming with the 80Gb version is changed to whatever game the buyer chooses. I mean they all cost 60 bucks so what's the difference?

ngoniko4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

that's lame... 20gb increase? why not more?

Husso4024d ago

Why more ?

seriously why ?

DrRage774024d ago

why more?? here's a reason, how about to JUSTIFY a $100 price difference!!! so now sony wants people to pay $500 for 60gb, or pay $100 for 20gb more??? i can't wait to hear all the lame excuses this time from the sony fanboys.

when there were first rumors of the 80gb version, people were jumping on it and talking about how it would replace the 60gb version since you can just upgrade the harddrive yourself and sony would not be dumb enough to have only a 20gb difference between two sku's......well, let's start hearing all the clever back-pedaling by the sony fanboys who will now say how wonderful it is for sony to offer such a great choice of 60gb or 80gb for $100 least the sbos360 elite has a 120gb harddrive over the premium which has a 20gb harddrive, and the elite is only $80 more...

let me think, $80 difference between 20gb and 120gb, or $100 difference between 60gb and 80gb? which company do you think is out to make money and screw over their fanbase now????

sticky doja4024d ago

That would be a 100g difference between Premium and Elite. And it is a waste of money, $100 extra dollars for 20g's and basically a launch title. Throw in Heavenly Sword or Killzone 2 with that bundle and I might be ready to buy my PS3.

hazeblaze4024d ago

Actually Dr. Rage... they're giving you an extra 20 gigs AND a game for that extra $100. That's not screwing their customers.

Delive4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

You could still get the 60gb SKU, save your $100.00 and upgrade your Hdd yourself. I don't think Sony is going to push the 80gb SKU as much as they just want PS3's in homes. They don't care if it's the 60 or the 80, they are both the same hardware other than the hard drive. if you shell out the extra $100 for a 20gb difference, shame on you. It's nothing like the difference between the 60gb and the 20gb SKU's at launch

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