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Submitted by drtysouf21 3067d ago | news

Official: PS3 New Sku In August & Price Cut On Older Model

Sony Corp. announced a revised PlayStation 3 console Monday with a bigger hard drive for storing downloaded content such as video games and high-definition movies.

The new $599 PS3 increases the system's storage capacity from 60 to 80 gigabytes and also includes a retail copy of the online racing title ''MotorStorm,'' a company spokesman said.

Starting Monday, the current 60 gigabyte model will cost $499 _ a $100 price drop.

The larger capacity machine won't be available in the United States and Canada until August.

It plays into the company's upcoming strategy of eventually offering
downloaded high-definition movies, video games, movie trailers and demos, Sony spokesman David Karraker said.

Karraker said Sony would use the E3 show to focus on two areas: ways to increase the number of consumers who own PS3s and other products such as the PlayStation Portable handheld system, and expanding the system's library of available games. (Industry, PS3)

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jromao  +   3067d ago
More quality on the way
Anyway we can replace the actual 60GB Hard Drive with 160 GB HD from some brands, and PS3 runs smooth, all for $70/80 only.
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highps3  +   3067d ago
Fair Deal
Owning a 60gb from day one, this news does not bother me what so ever.

I think its great they now offer a game with their most expensive package and now for 499 you can get a 60gb ps3. Pretty Cool Deal.

Love my ps3, have owned 360's (3) and while a good system, returning gets old, fast... Wish Bioshock was going to Ps3 :)

This should only be a good thing however im sure some people will spin it someway... Going to be funny when all these people bashing the Ps3 have to get one to play Heavenly Sword and Killzone 2 :)

Good Start to E3 if you ask me :)
Omegasyde  +   3067d ago
Horrible Idea
Horrible Idea.

They should of brought back the 20 gig model starting at $359-399.

Common Sense, since its a beginning investment sorta of like how the core system worked for MS (except each Sku has a hard drive and blue ray)

Edit: Funny how I got disagree's yet my comment made absolute sense.

This "promotion" will bite Sony in the "who yah" when they don't reach thier sales target. A safer bet would of been the one I stated above.

The average consumer looks at the price tag first, before looking at the "extra" stuff.
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hazeblaze  +   3067d ago
I agree with Omega on this one... The PS3 is my favorite console, so I'm not trolling or anything. But I do think that they should have brought back the 20GB (possibly w/ the card readers) for $300-$400. They would have had to increase production on PS3's then... they would have been selling so fast. For what you're getting, $500 is definitely a good deal... but it's still alienating a lot of buyers.
rain1971  +   3067d ago
Dudeson42  +   3067d ago
Personally, I would spring for a PS3 20g model at a 349.99 price point, and I already own a 360 and a Wii. I think that would do wonders for the console sales, and in turn, the software sales that really brings in the cash.

But i supposed 100 bucks for 20 more gigs and a game is a decent deal all the same.
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chasegamez  +   3067d ago
i have a 200g hard drive
i have a 200g hard drive in ps3
and a 160 in the other and the hard drive
160g hd is around 80 or 90 dollars
Mishmash19  +   3066d ago
i was able to get a 500gb external hdd for $130 at best buy. the external is nice cause you can use it for both the computer and the ps3. lot of room to store whatever, and justifies the price when compared to what microsoft and sony charge for the extra memory.
Wargasm  +   3066d ago
Well said OMEGASYDE!
even though im not much of a sony fan, i would have no choice but to buy a 20gig ps3 at $399... that would kick some serious ass

other than that.... its pretty hard to fill up my 20 gig 360 with content that i actually want to pay for.

So lets recap..... Sony took away the consumers ability to own a ps3 for $499 shortly after launch.... and then gave it back half a year later and now its supposed to be some sort of magical announcement?
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ALI G  +   3066d ago
And E3 has not started yet.

EDIT:@ABOVE:This is going to be huge in europe,since the only SKU available is the 60GB.lowering the price by 100$ = 50£ + retailers offers .i think this will make big impact in europe.
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QuackPot  +   3066d ago
The wise buy should buy the 60G version and upgrade - if need be - to 160G.

I don't believe the 80G will do well.
drtysouf21  +   3067d ago
Finally! Official Information!
Wonder what effect this will have on sales.

Edit: Where did my 5th bubble go? I never post negative comments about any console so what gives?

Edit: To the disagreeing people why do you disagree? Show me where i have said a negative comment about a console.

Edit: Check my comment below for proof.
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kingofps3  +   3067d ago
Effect on sales?
hmm... lets see what Microsoft would do now? Take another billion loss and cut price? lol

Have a bubble... and that will be $12.99 ;p
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Strange  +   3067d ago
Don't worry, it's back

For those who keep on saying that Sony should announce the price cut earlier, Price cuts are ALWAYS going to be denied until the last minute. It's the only way to maintain sales until the price cut. Think of it. If they say today that the price cut will come in August, would you buy it now? Simple logic :P
Covenant  +   3067d ago
Bubble from me, too. It seems that contributors to this site get far more negative feedback than merited. Nothing about this comment deserves negative votes.
TruthHurts  +   3066d ago
don`t worry dude.
we keep you bubbles goin.
i do anyways.

and NO, you don`t say anything bad about ANY system.
and if you did, you don`t just RANT about it.
keep it goin.
SPAWN  +   3066d ago
I`ll Tell You Why!
You always post negative stories on the 360 while you only post positive stories on the ps3! You`re not fooling anyone, be real and cut the bull about why you don`t know why people disagree!
Covenant  +   3066d ago
Hmm. Replying to this post has cost me a bubble.

Can't win for losing, eh?
drtysouf21  +   3066d ago
So i have 11 vs 14 negative stories for PS3 & 360 NOT A BIG DIFFERENCE i have a total of 15 positive 360 stories and all the rest of my submissions are either positive PS3 stories Nuetral Stories or Stories that are Tech or have nothing to do with consoles. So why am i getting persecuted when there is only a 3 story difference of negative stories between PS3 and 360. I own all consoles and love all consoles but PS3 is my favorite but i still try to treat all my submissions as fair as possible i'm not perfect but by no means am i Bad or Horrible.
Negative PS3 Stories TOTAL = 11

Positive 360 Stories TOTAL = 15

Negative 360 Stories TOTAL = 14
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EZCheez  +   3066d ago
This is pathetic
How the hell can you disagree with him saying it's an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT?

What do you want Sony to do, take it back?

Phil Harrison at E3-"Well since the forum posters on N4G didn't seem to agree with our price drop, we've decided to cancel the entire idea."

F'ing Idiots.
MEGANE  +   3066d ago
i have nothing to say but i feel bad 4 u so a give u + feedback. i hope u get ur bubble
Maldread  +   3066d ago
Nice find and great news. I was glad to hear it confirmed, as i might pick up a PS3 when the big games come lather this year now.

Don`t care about the fanboys, even though they can seem to appreciate Sony`s price drop (which will mean a 360 one too, and maybe soon, which will expand Microsoft`s base as well) and competition which will benefit us costumers in the end. Positive feedback from me.
tosh61  +   3067d ago
is this true? will this be getting a whole bunch of hits soon too?
eLiNeS  +   3066d ago
It is true
but I can't believe there dropping the price already, so soon. The Xbox 360 has been out a year longer and I don't think they will be cutting prices for sometime. They don't need to with Halo 3 being released in only 77 days. That game alone will sell systems until after the holidays are long gone.

I would still wait on getting a PofS3. By the time the holidays roll around, there will be another $100 price cut, no doubt in my mind, what mind I have left that is.
timmyp53  +   3067d ago
then in august
all sony has to do is debut the video on demand on the PS3 store and then im happy
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deathtok  +   3067d ago
A 60GB DVR will only store ~7.5 hrs of HD content while an 80GB still only stores ~10 hrs. If this move was all about DVR they would do better to jump to an even larger HDD.
EZCheez  +   3066d ago
Let's not forget...
That right now when you buy a PS3 you also get five free Blu-Ray movies with a mail-in offer! I'm starting to think I should have waited a few more months!

I only hope that the packaged game coming with the 80Gb version is changed to whatever game the buyer chooses. I mean they all cost 60 bucks so what's the difference?
ngoniko  +   3067d ago
that's lame... 20gb increase? why not more?
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Husso  +   3067d ago
Why more ?

seriously why ?
DrRage77  +   3067d ago
why more?? here's a reason, how about to JUSTIFY a $100 price difference!!! so now sony wants people to pay $500 for 60gb, or pay $100 for 20gb more??? i can't wait to hear all the lame excuses this time from the sony fanboys.

when there were first rumors of the 80gb version, people were jumping on it and talking about how it would replace the 60gb version since you can just upgrade the harddrive yourself and sony would not be dumb enough to have only a 20gb difference between two sku's......well, let's start hearing all the clever back-pedaling by the sony fanboys who will now say how wonderful it is for sony to offer such a great choice of 60gb or 80gb for $100 least the sbos360 elite has a 120gb harddrive over the premium which has a 20gb harddrive, and the elite is only $80 more...

let me think, $80 difference between 20gb and 120gb, or $100 difference between 60gb and 80gb? which company do you think is out to make money and screw over their fanbase now????
sticky doja  +   3067d ago
That would be a 100g difference between Premium and Elite. And it is a waste of money, $100 extra dollars for 20g's and basically a launch title. Throw in Heavenly Sword or Killzone 2 with that bundle and I might be ready to buy my PS3.
hazeblaze  +   3067d ago
Actually Dr. Rage... they're giving you an extra 20 gigs AND a game for that extra $100. That's not screwing their customers.
Delive  +   3067d ago
You could still get the 60gb SKU, save your $100.00 and upgrade your Hdd yourself. I don't think Sony is going to push the 80gb SKU as much as they just want PS3's in homes. They don't care if it's the 60 or the 80, they are both the same hardware other than the hard drive. if you shell out the extra $100 for a 20gb difference, shame on you. It's nothing like the difference between the 60gb and the 20gb SKU's at launch
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unsunghero28  +   3067d ago
Not a bad deal...
Except it's still $600. The problem before wasn't that the PS3 was a bad deal (it's a fantastic one) but that it just cost too much. Simple as that, and if Sony doesn't figure that out then they're in for the biggest flop in the (admittedly short) history of their gaming division.

If there's not another drop come the holiday season then Sony won't have a shot at winning it. I think the PS3 is a great piece of hardware, but I also think that consumers won't pay $600 for what they currently think (because Sony has done a poor job of advertising its media capabilities) is a fancy gaming machine.

What I meant by $600 is that the primary model (though slightly upgraded) is still $600, and the secondary is $500. Sure, there's an improvement in features, but not a price cut, and I feel that a price cut is really what Sony needs. The PS3 was jampacked with your money's worth before, but still lacking in sales because of its high price.
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GoLeafsGo  +   3067d ago
Not to mention losing most of its exclusive titles.
Bathyj  +   3067d ago
Um you are aware 60GB is dropping $100 starting Today.
You dont have to buy the most expensive model with PS3. Buying a cheaper version means you lose a little storage but all the other features are there.

Oh theres a shock. I got a disagree even thou I've only stated FACT not opinion. They should just change those tabs from agree/disagree to I like PS3/I like Xbox, because thats about as much thought as anyone puts into it when using them.
#6.2 (Edited 3067d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
EZCheez  +   3066d ago
About "I like PS3/ I like 360" buttons.

That has to be one of the best comments I have ever read on this site.
Bathyj  +   3066d ago
Thanks Cheez, have a bubble. Its just about getting that bad. I think some people just start reading and then say, na, he likes that other console. DISAGREE. Or worse, the ones that just know you by sight and will disagree or worse, without even reading what you said.
Am I getting paranoid? WHO'LL STOP THE MADNESS!!
Blasphemy  +   3067d ago
Well PS3 will officially take this Christmas with the new price drop and all the awesome games they have coming.
Naruto  +   3067d ago
how it's still $600 if it going to $499???????????
unsunghero28  +   3067d ago
As a general rule, people don't buy second best. It's just the way history has played itself out. The 20GB didn't sell well because it was second best, the core doesn't sell well because it's second best...

When people go for a fancy console, they're not looking for the poor man's version.
ngoniko  +   3067d ago
what are you talking about? the only difference is 20gb memory
and the old 20gb SKU doesn't have wifi, and memory card reader...
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unsunghero28  +   3067d ago
That's not the point.
I think that very few people know about the differences in models except for GB numbers. The PS3 has always been jampacked with features so that it's a great deal; making it a little more so won't make a big difference in sales. What they REALLY NEED is to get the price range down to $400/$500.
Delive  +   3066d ago
I have no choice but to disagree. Because of the high price, I think most people who bought a PS3 researched it a little. the 20gb sku was limited compared to the 60gb, no brainer decision. The core was limited compared to the premium, no brainer. With this, you get the same PS3 for $499 or $599 as far as functionality. Unless there is a price cut, Motorstorm still cost $59, That leaves $40 for the extra 20gb. So if your going to get motorstorm anyway, go for it, but if not, Save your cash and get what should turn out to be the more popular sku, the 60gb because it can do the same as the 80gb.
TheExecutive  +   3067d ago
well this is good news for people that havent bought a console yet. The 60 gig at 499 is a good price, no matter what anyone says. I wonder if they will cut the price again during the holiday season, even 50 bucks would be good.
ngoniko  +   3067d ago
I'll bet you anything it will going to drop another 100 by the holiday season making it 399 for 60gb
Bathyj  +   3067d ago
I agree. Another price drop this year. Maybe $100 but even $50 would be received very well.
Eidolon  +   3067d ago
According to the to the request sony sent out, there was some revision to the bluetooth I think :), that might not be all, let's wait for E3, they might explain further.
kr9091  +   3067d ago
That's interesting. Where did you hear that information?? do you have a link perhaps?
kr9091  +   3067d ago
Right on!!!
I think this is EXCELLENT news for sony!!! Hopefully it will help them expand their sales.
Blankman  +   3067d ago
i have a feeling the vibrating controllers go into the new ps3's. I have no intention of trading in ma ps3 for this new one but it is interesting to see how this will affect sales
kr9091  +   3067d ago
That would make sense.
ngoniko  +   3067d ago
yes, since the 80gb one will be available in August, E3 07 is just 3 days away, might be included in the 80gb package
deathtok  +   3067d ago
I don't necessarily think a $599 SKU is bad, however another 20GB and Motorstorm isn't worth it for me. They would do better if the new SKU was 120GB with Resistance: Fall of Man.
Bloodmask  +   3067d ago
I'm sure that the PS3 price drop will create a spike in sales. But even at $500 it is still far too expensive.

Even the 360 is too expensive except the core. The PS3 will still be the most expensive system and most likely always will be bc Sony started at a rediculous price for the "core" gaming audience.

As history has shown with the Wii, price can be a very dominant driving force for hardware sales. $200 dollars is the sweet spot and the PS3 won't see that for years.
#14 (Edited 3067d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
hfaze  +   3067d ago
The $100 price drop on the 60GB version is good, but....
What's with the $599.99 bundle? Only 20GB more and Motorstorm? They should have thrown in both component and HDMI cables as well, along with a bluetooth headset. And perhaps a rumble SixAxis instead of the non-rumble one...

That way, you have everything you need for online play (in HD) in the box. THAT would make it worth the extra $100...

But then again, I guess Sony does need to make money after all... ;-)

Great deal on the 60GB model though!
chrischris  +   3067d ago
sony is the best game company ever but 80gb is small compare to xbox 360 120gb, why motorstorm why not lair when it come out, if sony want ps3 to pass 360 this year they need killzone to come out this year
ngoniko  +   3067d ago
ps3 has built in HD player, wifi, memory card reader and 360 elite doesn't
DixieNormS  +   3066d ago
It may not have a built in HD player.
But I still enjoy renting and watching HD MOVIES through xboxlive. I love this Idea. Not the Motorstorm and 20 extra gigs Idea but the 500$ price tag for the 60gig. I might have the money for a PS3 sooner than I thought.
#16.2 (Edited 3066d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
macalatus  +   3067d ago
Big question is...
...will it have the same PS2 chip for backwards compatibility? I like Sony, but $100 difference seems to be a little too much for a little gain.
ironwolf  +   3067d ago
Very nice. Really, very nice.
However, I hope the $100 difference for an extra 20 gigs puts an end to the snide remarks about the cost of the 360s 120 gig drive. That's what I hope; what I expect is more hypocrisy.
ReBurn  +   3067d ago
It won't.
The $100 also gets you a $60 game. So it's really only $40 for 20gb.

But that's still a little sketchy in the value department.
sticky doja  +   3067d ago
And the game is an old game without that many features. Not a $60 game in my book at all.
Covenant  +   3067d ago
PS3 Elite?

Is 20GB really worth $100 more? Yes, there's a game included, but for how long? After the holidays, will a game still be in the bundle? If not, will there be a price break, or will it still be $600?

MS charges $80 more for their Elite than their Pro, with a much bigger hard drive and HDMI support, but no high-def DVD player.

Something to think about.

EDIT: What are you disagreeing with? These are legitimate questions.
#19 (Edited 3067d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
mikeslemonade  +   3067d ago
Terrible strategy by Sony
People want the best version and that version is still $600. PS3 will still be labeled as a $600 device which sucks. If anything they should bring back the 20gb and price that at $399, then that would really hurt 360. 360 can't lower the price because they are so money happy to earn profit by next year. A 20gb PS3 is free online right out the box. You can get a HDMI cable for $10 and then by Warhawk retail version for the headset and most likely you have saved more than the average 360 owner. That's $470 if you buy Warhawk retail and $10 hdmi cable. A 360 premium owner will buy XBL gold and Gears of War or Halo 3. That amounts to $510.
ReBurn  +   3067d ago
This is the same stuff people have been saying all along
What you're forgetting to put in your speculation is a possible price cut by Microsoft. If that happens all you said just goes right out the window. And 20gb is not likely coming back. The only thing that Sony can do is to get some good games into players' hands.
Wargasm  +   3066d ago
The "Best" Version
is the one that i dont have to take out a loan for.
chrischris  +   3067d ago
but 360 have alot more games, why do most people hate sony for, 360 will be old in 4 years
DrRage77  +   3067d ago
80gb and 60gb?? $100 difference?? no thanks sony....
okay, so what is the point of bringing out the 80gb and keeping 60gb also?? that is absolutely lame for sony to have a 60gb and 80gb model, and there is going to be a $100 difference between 20gb???

at least microsoft offer a REAL harddrive upgrade on the elite which is only $80 more than the 20gb version. i know all you sony fanboys will say you can just add any size harddrive you want to the ps3, but if that is true, then you HAVE to agree that it is absolutely lame and a waste of time and money for sony to offer an 80gb version of teh ps3 and a 60gb version. if they had the 20gb version and the 80gb, there would at least be a decent difference between teh two sku's, but sony is once again making a dumb move with their half-assed 2 sku's. everyone had thought that when they dropped the 20gb version, they would be permanently replacing the 60gb with teh 80gb version, but now they are keeping the 60 and 80...dumb move.

the 80gb version is going to sell WORSE than the xbox360 core lol
chrischris  +   3067d ago
Wii is the past , xbox 360 is the present,PS3 is the future
Fisher339  +   3067d ago
plz read the info
"The new $599 PS3 increases the system's storage capacity from 60 to 80 gigabytes and also includes a retail copy of the online racing title ``MotorStorm,'' a company spokesman said."
PS3n360  +   3066d ago
by august
when this comes out motorstorm will be a platinum hit worth $20 and also will be flooding the used section. This is not a deal in any way. If it included two rumble controllers then maybe. The current deal of 499 for 60 gb with 5 movies is a superior deal. I am gonna grab a 60 gb beforre they get phased out.
Crissaegrim  +   3067d ago
Great time to pick up a PS3!
Forgive my long comment, but this really is an amazing deal, especially when you couple it with Sony's other offers. I don't know what would stop anybody from picking up a PS3 now if they are remotely interested in the current and future games and plans for this system.

Let me break down the options for those that might not know. $499 for the 60GB model. If you apply for the Sony Card from, you will get a $100 credit after your first purchase - I did this for mine. Also, if you buy a blu-ray player (including the PS3) before September 30, you get 5 free blu-ray movies (from a selected list). I know everyone doesn't value the PS3 as a blu-ray player, but it is excellent in that regard. I know many plan on buying many high-def movies in the future (whether they have a high-def set now or plan to buy one) and at at least $20 dollars each movie, this would save another $100.

If you take these things into consideration, you could be looking at a PS3 for $299. This is especially significant (at least in my mind) when you consider that it costs Sony close to $700 to make the system these days. Meanwhile Apple is selling their top of the line iPhone for $600 when it costs them only $300.

I have typically found Sony products to be quite expensive initially, but with the PS3 I believe I have found quite a phenomenal piece of equipment at a very reasonable price (and I felt that way when it cost $600).
#23 (Edited 3067d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ReBurn  +   3067d ago
Getting stuff for free is not the same as reducing the price
No matter how you spin it, getting 5 free movies that you probably wouldn't have purchased anyway is not taking $100 off of what you spent. That $100 is still gone. I can't believe that people fall for that marketing spin.
Crissaegrim  +   3066d ago
I agree
You are right, however there may be some that would have picked up these movies anyway, and even though this doesn't necessarily give you another $100 off, I don't know anyone that wouldn't find great value in getting 5 free blu-ray movies (marketing spin included). That's my only point.
clonec7  +   3066d ago
More details on Sony Card
To redeem the sony points do you have to purchase the PS3 from sonystyle online?

When I tried to redeem from sonystyle it required that at least half the purchase price needed to be from sony points and the other half credit card.
#23.3 (Edited 3066d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
bootsielon  +   3067d ago
This is NOT a price drop
I find this ridiculous. Seriously, WTF? First of all, 20GB extra and a game is too little for the extra $100; it should be at least twice the size of HDD. Second, this is NOT a price drop!! The only thing they are doing is giving people more incentive to spend THE SAME AMOUNT ($599). Why would anyone want the 60GB one now? Now you get a free game and 20 Gigs more for the same price as before. They should have at least offered a 120 or 160 HDD!!


Below, I agree. I just think they should have offered a somewhat bigger hard drive to at least be on par with the Elite, or surpass it. My bet is that Sony wants to phase out the old 60 GB PS3 the way they did with the 20 GB one. It would seem that Sony will lose even more by offering a game AND a bigger hard drive, but the price of manufacturing an 80 GB one is almost the same as a 60GB one; furthermore, including a game doesn't further losses, since it's a best-selling game, and it is probably already in-the-money (making profit for every game sale). The 80 GB one probably has a 65nm cell (which was already being produced), 65nm RSX (I don't think this one was hard to get), cheaper Blu-ray diodes, and so on; so the PS3 won't further Sony's losses now; rather, they will decrease.

They've only switched SKUs, by killing the old 20GB one, and replacing it with the old 60GB one, while the 60 GB was replaced with a little bit extra value and less of a loss.

Don't look at this move as if it was a price drop.

And I'm a sony fan.

Edit 2:

nasim, don't be an idiot. I'm not an Xbot, I love PS3, and I got it for 599. Your argument stems from value, and frankly, judging by PS3s slumping sales, value doesn't matter anymore. It's about price FIRST, and value SECOND. Obviously, if Sony manages to price PS3 in the same level as Xbox 360, it would outsell perhaps even the Wii. However, that is not gonna happen soon, as it's too expensive to build for Sony, which is a shame. But again, if they come close enough by holiday season ($399), they could stand to make a killing. I would like that as a Sony fan, since I want everyone to enjoy the pleasure of owning and playing games with PS3 exclusive features.
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pwnsause  +   3067d ago
I find it fair already, both models have the same specs, except that they both have different HDD sizes, which is not a problem, since you can upgrade the size of the 60gb for cheap, 80gb model is fair because its bundled with a game already, I think they are bringing Movies to the PS Store after all.
nasim  +   3066d ago
the grabage box 360 costs 400$
the leiet costs 475$
and have no wifi
no HDMI 1.3 support
no next gen drive
no free online

and still these GARBAGE BOX 360 fanboys (x360 has 60% defective rate ) complains

the 60gig model has been slashed to 499$

the 80gig model comes with MOTORSTORM and is 599$

stop complaining

nasty BOTS
akaFullMetal  +   3067d ago
price cut will help, but its just the games that the ps3 needs right now, and proof that the ps3 can bring it, which we should see in e3, cant wait
pwnsause  +   3067d ago
now if the system gets packaged with the rumored shockaxis controller as a standard and hdmi, then its a steal.
wildcat  +   3067d ago
I hope this news is only semi-official because I think 2 SKUs will only further confuse the customer:

"How much will I save with this version?"
"How much does 20GB cost?"
"Can I choose which game I get?"

Just choose one SKU, 60GB/80GB, or at least offer more stuff with the $600 bundle so that it is completely different from the $500 one. I don't think a game and 20GB is enough for the consumer.
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ReconHope  +   3067d ago
they should
sweeten the deal with standard hdmi cables and standard headset. shockaxis is just asking 4 2 much..
Kenshin  +   3067d ago
I'm sure this new version is not just a 20Gb increase and an inclusion of motostorm. a $100 difference does not justify it. Perhaps as PWNSAUSE mentioned, it will come equipped with a new shockaxis and HDMI cable and whatnot.
TheMART-sucksdick  +   3067d ago
Sevir04  +   3066d ago
well this is good stuff
Sony is now gonna educate the market on the new hardware thats hitting in august, at the same time use E3 to harpoon the the 60gig config in homes.

as of right now the 60gig is the only the PS3 in North America and canada. they just dropped the price effective today. people looking for a PS3 will see this and say great it's a 100 bucks cheaper. and while this may spur a quick sale here and there it wont do much untill Sony's E3 show kicks off. showing all the games coming out in the next few months. so E3 will spur sales up even mopre for the 60gig.

Now in august, and we still dont know which day in august the 80gig upgrade will come in. Sony will launch that new config to the world, again Using E3 to further educate the consumer base.

think about this for a second. In korea the 80gig model is widely available without a bundle. 80gigs at a higher price is no way to justify a game console with out a bundle. again Sony Shows just how much more they pay attention to the american market because it's one of the markets that need to match the 360. hence why the new config has a game bundled with it. if anything, it would have been even better if they made the bundles across both config. 60gig ps3 at $499. with a motorstorm or resistance,, and they would seriously make a killing.\\

still consumers arent like us that look at the hardware indept and aren't very tech Savy, so seeing an 80 gig ps3 for 600 bucks with a copy of Motorstorm the second best ps3 game out right now is saying alot. in addition to all the other features they may read on the box.


upscale DVDs to Hd
play all your PS1/2 games in 1080p(provided you have a tv that supports it) or in other Hd setting.
browse the net
video chat.
watch blu ray movies out of the box
download games via psn
play games online via psn
cross media functionality with PSP to PS3
and Stream media from you PC to PS3.
Bluetooh compatible
USB 2.0 compatible
CD, DVD, Blu-ray playback
PS3 games in HD
support for 5.1-7.1 dobly surrond sound and True HD
Memory stick, Sd card, and memory stick pro card readers
and the fact that it includeds and Upgradeable 80gig HDD right out the box.

if you think people arent gonna look at the box and read what they are getting then you who are saying all this nay rubbish is sadly mistaken. they aren't looking at how much it cost to have a 20gig more space or the actual production cost to the 80gig inclusion. and frankly they wont care. bigger is better. and the inclusion of all of the above Said, and the game bundle only makes that 600 dollar 80gig PS3 seem that much more afordable.. and we dont even know if Sony will package that rumored new sixaxis with nextgen force feedback controller in the new config.

yes we as hard core gamers and early adopters are truely tech savy geeks and pay attention to technology more than we need to and we make our choices based on that. but thats why we all line up with hype this big on launch day and the core consumers normally get it when it seems like a bargin later on down the line.

the 60gig is still the only one here in the US and canada, untill august, E3 will be the time for sony to educate the consumers better and more responsibly this time around with whats coming shortly and whats availible now. and i think they couldn't have picked a better time to do it.
ReBurn  +   3066d ago
Tech savvy?
The average consumer doesn't care about all of the techie features of the console. They just want it to do what they say it will do, and they will pay as little as they can for it. Personally, I don't think an 80gb version with a game is all that compelling, and the average consumer won't either. I would bet that the 60 gb version is going to be more popular while it is available, but it is eventually going to disappear in favor of the 80 gb version.
sevenout  +   3066d ago
"Great Value!"
I am sick of the PS3 fanbois (who don't own a PS3) touting the "great value" that the PS3 is, like because it is a great value, it is going to sell systems. I bought my PS3 at launch and have spent close to a grand on it altogether, with games and controllers. For me, for what I was looking for my whole home theater, the PS3 was a no-brainer! It's a Blu-Ray player and a fantastic game machine-Win-Win!

However, for the average gamer the bitter pill of the cost of entry into PS3-land is a formidable barrier.

The best analogy I can give is the difference between a Toyota Camry (Represented by the Wii) and a Mercedes Benz. Sure, for what you get in a Benz these days, it's a great value compared to the past Mercedes Benzes, but most of the general public cannot afford a Mercedes Benz. They CAN however, afford an Camry.

It is silly to present an argument saying that since the Benz is such a great value, it's going to be the number one seller when most of the population on the earth cannot afford to buy one, but that's what the hardcore PS3 fans are saying, over and over and over again.

Let's take it a step further. Let's say that the Benz got 100mpg, an incredible value for today's gas prices! However, the price stayed the same; still way too expensive for the average consumer. Could you still say that Mercedes Benz would be number one in the world? No, you could not.

I have purposely left the 360 out of this analogy because I don't think it's going to be as successful as the Wii is, but certainly successful.

One of the BIG reasons Nintendo is going to be number one in this 'next gen' war, is that it is one of the most recognized and DATED name brands in the World. Grandparents who are in their 60's bought Nintendos for their own kids and most likely played a game of Donkey Kong or two back in the 80's.

Personally, this $100 price break, although welcomed, ain't the paradigm shift needed to boost PS3 sales; a $399 price tag and a lot more games will be needed to move more PS3s, but certainly the PS3 will never achieve the PS2 level of success of 110 million units sold.
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amerz  +   3066d ago
Hey Mart, you're in for a NASTY surprise =)
Sony announced it first, and if there was any plan of an MS price cut, it would have been announced in advance to retailers, meaning it would have appeared in the flyers.

Here's the deal: Xbots insist MS has had a price cut planned, and would therefore not have been affected by RROD warranties. However, if this was the case, then the price cut would be in the flyers. It is not.

If they didn't plan it, as we all know they didn't by now, then they'll have encountered a huge deterrent, the 1.1BILLION loss - they want to be profitable. They didn't expect a Sony price cut so soon.

According to the latest reports, PS3 was profitable 3 months ago (probably why Sony didn't announce it - so they could have a surprise cut, and of course, not every cost reduction is reported, especially not constant ones), and 360 still isn't. This is accurate enough - PS3 went into 65nm and Blu-ray diodes went down so much Sony could cut down a BR player from 1000 to 500 (both were priced to make profit). 360 didn't go into 65nm yet, MS are waiting for that before Halo 3, GTA4 and the holidays push 'big' numbers for them. If they cut the price by more than 20 bucks, consider profitability gone, as they'll be incurring heavy losses over increased hardware sales.

Therefore, no 360 price cut until next year.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Now, for this news. I thought it was terrible too. They were repeating MS's HUGE Elite blunder.


It's a limited edition box. (The 80GB)

To me this means the following.

The 60GB has at least 2/3 of a month to sell at its 500 price with no other SKUs. It may be phased out THIS year in NA bringing the 80GB down to the 500 price or even lower for the holidays. This means the limited edition refers to the Motorstorm pack in. This is really a bundle rather than a new SKU. It only adds 20GB for the remaining 40 bucks.

OR it may be a limited SKU, meaning Sony gets increased profit to counterbalance the price drop, while enjoying increased sales.

Or hell, they may be stupid and keep both SKUs on the market, but I doubt it. This is the new Sony. Anyway, this isn't as bad as Elite, where hardcore gamers don't want the lower tard packs, or RROD which meant plummeting sales for the past 3 months for 360. In effect, the 80GB is the tard pack (removed hardware emu and MS pack in+20GB =/= $100), but there is no real difference in hardware, and everyone can see that.

The 80GB as a limited seller may be enough to push PS3 60GB down to $399 this year - the only issue I have is that the PR doesn't mention the limited part, though (paraphrase) "for storing downloaded content such as video games and high-definition movies from the upcoming DL service" may just be PR speak to justify the SKU.

@Firstknight (BELOW)
Nope, I'm right, I did the research. Care to make a bet? If MS doesn't announce a price cut at E3 like Mart thinks, you leave N4G forever. If they do, I leave N4G forever. Same bet for Mart. Reply quickly! You can gloss over my glaring facts, I'd like to see you get the f*** out of here. =)

But I agree, it's not hard to make up sh**.


"Sony got scared, that MS will announce a 360 pricedrop tomorrow, the 10th of July on E3!

Pretty sure about it...

Premium 299 to 349, starting... Tomorrow!"

No facts, no rationality, nothing. Just a desperate plea.
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