Microsoft needs the work-play balance

Microsoft's emergence as one of the big three video console makers has been a technological achievement. Yet the company has never made a penny of profit on the business, even though it's been selling consoles for six years. Now the software giant admits missing its already lowered sales targets for its Xbox 360. And it will take a $1 billion (Rs4,050 crore) charge to recall defective units. It's time for the group to stop pumping quarters into this project.

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FordGTGuy3940d ago

Is this article really trying to say they should just give up and drop Xbox for good? Yeah like that will make them money.

The 1 billion isn't for a recall its an extension to the warranty that is for 3 years so in all truthfulness thats 1 billion spread across 3 years.

You think Sony has made money on the PS3 yet? Maybe Sony should just give up on the PS3. Thats the philosophy this article is trying to give off. Sony and Microsoft use a strategy that this article doesn't understand and thats to first gather a fanbase and then make money from the fanbase.

jromao3940d ago

If MS didn't wanted to build xbox with quality components, just shows no respectt for customers, now it's time to pay for that "smart" decisions and bad quality control. The cheap becames very expensive.

Who says that defective units recall will be enough to fix the "bug" ?

techie3940d ago

Tis a stupid article really...doesn't really think forward like a business, but pragmatically like an individual

MK_Red3939d ago

But one point that the article has is that a lot of consumers think twice before buying 360. I've been to local stores and many people have asked endless questions about 360's problems.

power of Green 3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Its also for the re-design to eliminate the problem altogether its not just writing checks and replacing 360's the Sony fanboys would have the world believe.

#2 what bug?. lol the problem is heat related has nothing to do with the brains of the 360 being sh*t lol.

People that have torn apart the 360 have found out why the 360 breaks despite what MS want to admit.

Its actaully won't be that hard for MS to re-design the inside of the 360 allowing it to run cooler and to reinforce the conections that work aloose when the board is warping is if ever does after the update which i doubt will happen. Just STFU no one wants to hear your ape minded logic.

1.5 Billion is for paying people back, Warrenty & redesign(probably with more advanced components that any of the consoles).

This is only fair and the media etc do write this sh*t to gain traffic etc, the PS3 will fail posts are no different.

ASSASSYN 36o3940d ago

Microsoft makes practically free money on xbox-live alone and advertisement.

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The story is too old to be commented.