Playstation nets another fanboy - British retailer M&S

British retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S) seems to have become something of a Playstation fanboy by stocking only Playstation products and titles. The only consoles they are stocking at are PSPs and PS3s.

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jromao4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Only shows this store worry about customers and try to provide the best quality to them. Good Move despite the fact there are some other stuff as Wii and DS that should be there too (maybe already).

Snake_Doctor4029d ago

didn't they hear the PS3 'es teh DoooMed'?

Seriously though, isn't the PS3 MSRP 425? Most people will just buy from somewhere they can get it for 399 plus a game.

Greysturm4029d ago

This posh people buy posh stuff at posh stores. So good for the ps3.

Bullseye4029d ago

M&S isn't really a 'posh' store, it just thinks it is! People who shop there are not posh people, they just think they are.It's where U.K people go to buy underwear!

gunnerforlife4029d ago

dude i have never seen a non person shop at M&S thats just the way it is there posh have u heard that lady's voice on tv thats posh;)

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