PS3 Poll Police: What hardware announcement will wait for TGS?

This week, want to ask all their readers what they think, hardware-wise, Sony is most likely not to unveil at E3. That is, what announcement will they keep up their sleeves to steal the show at the Tokyo Game Show?

Please vote after the link and see the results.

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timmyp533846d ago

of the video on demand on the psn and a even more stylish PS3 store interface.

hfaze3846d ago

Well... the price drop is definitely not waiting until TGS 2007 ;-)

Personally, I would like to see some sort of in-game XMB access (whether full XMB access in-game, or at least friends list/message access in-game) showcased at E3. This is my only remaining major gripe with the PS3 so far.

My bet would be on Video on Demand and video streaming being held back for TGS '07. With the huge library of movies that Sony Pictures has access to, content could be plentiful from day one.

akaFullMetal3846d ago

maybe downloadable movies and porn, hoooray, ahahah jk,

in all seriousness, i really dont know, we have to see if they show anything else besides klz2, maybe a mgs4 demo then??? who knows til after e3