So Am I the Only One Not So Impressed With the Wii Anymore?

Cole of writes:

"Until recently, I would have told you that I loved the Wii as well. I recently realized something. I have not played my Wii since January. None. Not one minute. I have bought a couple of other games, some that I really like. I just have not had a desire to play Wii. There have not been any games I have wanted to buy since the launch. I have not finished any of the games I bought at launch. The Wii is a great system - for those who do not like games. It is easy to pick up, learn the controls, and master it. This translates into being overly simple, having limited control, lacking depth.

The controller has its limits not because I suck at using it but because the controller kinda sucks. The fact that I often get beat by my four year old nephew at WiiSports Tennis when all is does is wave his arm up and down shows the limited control you actually have over the controller. The fact that over the holidays, the entire family would play together and no one consistently won shows that the games involved more luck than skill.

I really do want to love the Wii, but I realized I don't. It is fun as a party game, during the holidays, or any other time non-gamers would be inclined to play a game, but it is not as fun as a person who actually enjoys playing video games."

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unsunghero283942d ago

He's not the first person to think that, but then again every console has its critics. The thing about this one is it that it's the very first of its kind, and I think there are still a lot of people that are skeptical.

The reason for that is that very few games have exemplified proper use of the Wii remote. Even Wii Sports is barely passable, and just about every 3rd party game available (minus Madden '07 and RRR, both launch titles) do a poor job. I don't think that's because it's a bad piece of hardware, it's because almost every developer expected the Wii to fail until its E3 and sales success, so very few have games with a lot of time put into them.

I expect that the release of Metroid Prime 3 will mark the beginning of a new era of Wii games, and those games will quiet the skeptics. Maybe I'm wrong, but no one can honestly look at the Wii's current lineup and decide that he can judge the hardware based on such poor software.

Mycococo3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

GAMECUBE HAD A LOT OF INTEREST AT FIRST! why that eventually failed is up in the air but... atleast that console wasnt betting on A CONTROLLER!! wii is great and is something non gamers will enjoy but as a gamer i dont want to play it(unless with friends) and non gamers wont be clammoring to play it in the near futur. its NOT A FAD but it is close. games will come that make gamers realize why they bought it (just as zelda did) but other than that there is nothing...

online is the future and the futre is now. ANY GAMER wants some online and nintendos gamer games(atleast metroid) doesnt have multi online. there is no longgevity. even if a 360 or ps3 game is only single player the hardware allows for differences in gamplay because of the ai and such. its not happening with the wii.

sorry nintendo i love you and you got me into gaming with the n64 BUT I QUIT PLAYING NINTENDO A LONG TIME AGO!(to segas credit the gamegear got me into it but not like the n64) not to say i still dont like surfing around on the turtle shell in mario on my original n64 every once in a while.

edit... 3rd party devs could port their games to ps3's psn or xbox live. lol. that is how nintendo games are stacking up. but like others say. we will see wahat is up when e3 rolls around but i doubt anything will be up and more will be down

Firewire3941d ago

I wasn't really that impressed, from the day I opened the box. But my real problem with Nintendo is that I don't believe anything they say in terms of games. They promised adult oriented games! Yeah right, its all mini games & party pack crap.

So happy I sold the piece of crap!

akaFullMetal3942d ago

i know alot of companies have not done a good job with the wii, bad controls, and not the best graphics, but this guy is right that it is more for the casual gamer, since if you go to the store, its mostly party games, and mini games, not many hardcore games for people that enjoy playing a few hours every sitting

timmyp533942d ago

we shall see their plan to not alianate the core gamer... cool games like mario galaxy and metroid prime should do t.

VaeVictus3942d ago

I think the problem with the Wii is that Nintendo absolutely refuses to go online. Games like Metroid with online capabilities would appeal to all gamers IMO. With the developer saying that programming for the Wii is easier than cake, there is no reason why they couldn't implement some sort of online multiplayer. Metroid is one of the few Nintendo 1st party titles that would do well online. 3rd party dev's see the system as a means of making quick money by making mini games. At what point do these games lose their audience when they've "been there and done that?" I know, the Wii has sold craptons and probably still will in the immediate future b/c it is the cheaper console with better brand recognition for people, especially those buying for their kids. I have 0 desire to by a Wii, and I do mean 0. It's sad, but it's the truth. Good thing for Nintendo not everyone (or am I the only one)feels that way.

Husso3942d ago

as far as gaming, one one is impressed with the wii.

unsunghero283942d ago

But I think more people are impressed by the Wii's control scheme than people that are impressed by fancy graphics. When you're just looking at the hardware (though it's the franchises that make the difference) that's what matters.

Sven Benoit3942d ago

well i know as of right not impressed with the wii... i have had mine almost since the first day it came out and all it does it collect dust..... for me it just doesnt have enough quality games......

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