Google Takes On Microsoft Again Over Vista

Google is taking on its arch rival Microsoft again, this time, by applying to a US judge to force Microsoft to make additional changes to its new Vista operating system.

Google has filed papers with the US district judge overseeing Microsoft's compliance with its 2002 antitrust settlement, outlining why it believes it has a special interest in helping to ensure Microsoft remains in compliance.

The search giant recently failed in an attempt to persuade US district judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly that Microsoft should be forced to make additional changes to Vista's approach to desktop search, with the judge telling Google to take its complaint to the Department of Justice.

In its latest filing,...

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MK_Red3943d ago

Google Vs Microsoft Round 2, FIGHT! j/k
The "Again" in topic means its second time or something but I dont remember, does anyone know what case was the first one?