Pre-E3: TeamXbox E3 Wishlist

TeamXbox posts:
"The fact that we're all diehard gamers means that we still get excited before the show kicks off, as we wonder just what we'll be seeing. Will the latest entry in our favorite franchise be there? Which game will everyone be talking about on the show floor? Who will be the biggest no-show? How many people will Shockwave punch in the face? There are so many questions that are waiting to be answered, we figured that we'd get the ball rolling by making a list of the things that we're most looking forward to at the show. We'll give you our wishlist now, but we invite you to head to the forums and tell us what games you're most looking forward to seeing."

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MK_Red3844d ago

From the 360 ones that TeamXbox mentioned, I'm mostly looking forward to see more of Turok, Rock Band, COD4 and Fable 2.
I dont need to see more of Bioshock and Mass Effect since they are already in my buy list and I dont want to know or see more until I buy them.

original seed3844d ago

I really want more details on Rock band. Playing the drums should be fun. I

I've actually stopped watching Bioshock videos because i dont want to spoil the fun. Same goes for Mass Effect.

I would like to see more of Resident Evil, Alan Wake and Killzone. Im most looking foward to NEWS to come from E3 such as certain games going Multiplateform and Exclusives.

no_more_heroes3844d ago

...Live free or Die Hard was an awesome movie.
Can't really argue with that list, except for one or two games but basically yeah its pretty much my list for E3 right there. Some new surprises would be great too.