Xbox 360 For Drug Money?

Ripten asks, do retailers look the other way regarding console "trade-ins" more often than not? Scary, but the answer may be yes.

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Tsalagi4025d ago

Let me tell you something Joe Rogan. I smoke rock!!! Shazam!!!

Mr_Kuwabara4025d ago

She can run a crack cocaine business like Tony Montana. =P

"Say hello, to my little friend" Teh PS3.

Tsalagi4025d ago

Seriously though, I see crackheads all the time at my local Gamestop trying to trade in all kinds of systems and games that you know that they stole. A while back one of my friends house got broken into and his 360 stolen. It was later found at Gamestop and the guy who stole it(meth addict)got arrested.

lockload4025d ago

Agreed this is not news like people have said it happens all the time

Nostradavis4025d ago

It should not be happening, that is the point.

TheMART-sucksdick4025d ago

Oh my god... Well Nostradavis. Good read


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The story is too old to be commented.