CNET's Top 5 Most Wanted Gadgets of July: 3.PS3 2.Wii 1.?

Here in the new edition of CNET's popular video features, they report the top 5 most wanted gadgets of their site. PS3 is 3rd and Wii is 2nd. Whats number one?

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hillbilly20074032d ago

a feeling it was the iphone.

MK_Red4032d ago

Same here, afterall this was the week of iPhone. But with PS3 and Wii coming and 3rd and 2nd, for a moment there, I thought Elite 360 would be number one. Its actually good that 2 game devices are on the top 5 list of a totally techy site.

riqued4032d ago

I thought it was the iPhone too and it was =)

1 - iPhone
2 - Wii
3 - Playstation 3
? - ??? ???

MK_Red4032d ago

I think that after E3 PS3 and Wii will return to top 2. For some time both PS3 and Wii were swapping their position at numbers 1 & 2 with each other until iPhone hype conquered the world. I dont know but iPhone doesnt look to be staying there for more than 2 or 3 months and then its again between PS3 and Wii. and who knows, maybe with new 360 price cut or something, even 360 makes its way to the list.

SWORDF1SH4032d ago

i think a price cut wont make it more wanted because more people will be able to buy it and there plenty out there to buy. the wii is up there because of the shortage and its difficult to get and the ps3 is up there because of the high price and people cant afford it so alot of people will want one but cant get it.

hotshot12374032d ago

i know alot of people want ps3 but just cant get it bcuz of the price.

Blankman4032d ago

I can see why the ps33 would be up there with its integrated blu ray drive and all. But i wonder how do these people determine these stats

candystop4032d ago

I think he said from there readers

Premonition4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

You heard the CNET guy himself, he will wait for a price drop to get the PS3, and I guess he didnt recieve the news that its coming some time next week.

EDIT: with his type of job, I think he can go with 499.

the_round_peg4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

$100 is not enough, really.

and the sweet spot for consumers is still $199. That's not gonna change for PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.