Halo Wars demo E3

The good news for Halo Wars fans who have been hanging in there waiting for more information and or images from the game is that Ensemble Studios will be showing a small demo of the game for select members of the press at E3. The team at Ensemble Studios has been at work on preparing the demo for the last couple of weeks and it has come together nicely. It just shows a small slice of their game off to give the press an idea of what they're all about.

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TheXgamerLive4026d ago

If it's as good as we all guess it will be based on the video we all saw last year then HELLS YEAH! bring me some Halo Wars Demo!!

It will be interesting to see just how we really control the player action, and what action we have available to command.

Some say no master chief, i say bring Master Chief or atleast his long lost cousin.

Marriot VP4026d ago

how about he brings along his uncle ted

zonetrooper54026d ago

Can't wait to see this game in action, I recently installed Age of Empires 2 on my PC and its still awesome. Its being made by the people who made Age of Empires and Bungie is just supervising it.

THE HIVE MIND4026d ago

yes this is made my ENSEMBLE STUDIOS
and you are correct they made the best freakin rts known to man
Age Of the Empires (2 was my fav)
but im not totaly stoked about it
because rts suck on concoles
Command And Conquer was pretty good
but its still obsolete compared to pc
i wanna no how this plays out
hopefully a demo will be made as well
for people who cant cough up the 3 grand to fly to L.A

MK_Red4026d ago

I hope they dont make the PC version Vista only (But sadly, they'll probably will). Cant wait for E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.