Game Stop has officially started the Halo 3 countdown

Halo 3 very own page has now open up and Game Stop has started the countdown to one of the biggest gaming events of the year. Game Stop has a video to check out some offers and a section where you can leave a preview on Halo 3. Check it out.

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THE HIVE MIND3884d ago

wow no $hit
i admire your honesty
hell i like you

Anything but Cute3883d ago

Halo 3 sucks ass. Most overrated by fanboys.

Bloodmask3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Halo 3 will be the biggest video game release ever.

People that don't even play games know Halo. It has more preorders than the entire PS3 install base and is sure to move a lot of 360s this Holiday season.

No doubt about it, Halo 3 will be the killer app of 07.

Whoooop3883d ago

bit of a fanatic there...

Hope the game lives up to the hype, just as I hope KZ2 does too.

Double-Edged3883d ago

I think I'm gonna replay Halo1 & 2 over again....

Just ta enhance the feel

cookiemonster3883d ago

I should probably pre-order mine, this just made me worried that I won't be able to walk into any store day one to grab a copy.

FreeMonk3883d ago

Although a countdown doesn't change anything, I'm sure this will sell bucket loads, with me buying 1 copy as well!

eLiNeS3883d ago

snap a print screen of the counter and post a link here when it reads 77 77 77 77 since Bungie is all about the sevens.

iceice1233883d ago

millions, maybe? 4 million pre-orders and you think nobody cares :) how cute.

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