IGN | Need for Speed Shift iPad Review

IGN: Need for Speed Shift on the iPad is not cheap. EA has priced it at $14.99, but considering the level of performance and the thrills it offers, I recommend you make the plunge. Shift offers a great mix of arcade-style racing with some sim trimmings. The courses are expertly designed and look fantastic, especially nighttime Tokyo. But it's not just a great set of features that makes Shift such a good play. It delivers a sense of speed unmatched on the iPad right now that will have you moving not just your hands, but your entire upper body as you swing into dangerous curves. I love it when a game grabs me like that.

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omimasum2756d ago

it seems all these iPad games are just ports of the iPhone games. At least Apple has finally captured the true essence of recycling.

rluvah2756d ago

I didn't know that Apple made Need For Speed or any games? Wouldn't that be EA?

Baka-akaB2756d ago

So console wars got so boring already that you decided to include Apple into your crap ?

Redempteur2756d ago

a ipad game review ?
i wasn't aware this was a gaming console ...
i expected it to be compatible with iphone games at least but still ...

Kyur4ThePain2756d ago

It's a game. On the iPad. That was reviewed.
Not sure I get what your problem is...

Letros2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

wow those graphics are terrible, but I guess you can't expect much. I think it would be better suited for RTS/casual games, but cool nonetheless.

K-Gamer2756d ago

I expected much better graphics from the iPad.

Heck, PSP released in 2005 and has better graphics than this.

midgard2272756d ago

gr8 all we need are apple fanboys....