New Stranglehold Trailer

Chow Yun-Fat plays the role of Inspector "Tequila" Yuen, a reprisal of his role in John Woo's 1992 action movie Hard Boiled. Tequila will be battling Crime Lords in Hong Kong and a Russian Mob Boss in Chicago who captured Tequila's ex-wife. Check out the explosive trailer.

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timmyp533879d ago

this trailer is hot.. more ppl should check it out =)

MK_Red3878d ago

Totally agreed. This is one hot game that sadly is being ignored.
Bubbles for you my friend.
How can anyone not be excited about a John Woo game?

Vagrant_13878d ago

wait to check this game out especially the multiplayer. cool trailer btw

Gamingisfornerds3878d ago

But the animations are dreadfull!

This is killing this game for me. Way to goofy and quirky animations.
Shame really, because the carnage in this game is insane!

I'll keep my eyes on this one, but I'm not quite convinced yet.

CAPS LOCK3878d ago

they should'nt of canceled killing day :(
it looked much better than this game, however i like the games storyline