Pre-E3 2007 Dark Sector Preview

Developed by Digital Extremes, Dark Sector is one title that has been turning heads since it was announced a while back. The game's nice looking aesthetic has only been trumped in discussion by the mystery surrounding its development. The title has previously been very much under wraps, undergoing delays and slowly creeping out in terms of new info.However, at a recent press event held by D3Publisher (the publishing house behind the game), not only was the game on display, but a playable build also was available for Gamezone to get their hands on and take the game out for a test drive.

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Vagrant_13880d ago

they decided to push this title back to 08', there is just too much stuff coming out this fall and i wouldnt wanna miss this game

MK_Red3880d ago

Hopefully they find more creative uses for its amazing main weapon more than just throwing and cutting.

Gamingisfornerds3880d ago

The Glaive (I believe that's what it's called) is nothing more than a fancy gimmick at this point.

I see no point and, more importantly, no fun in using it at all.
Yes, there are some (lame) puzzles you can (or have to) solve with it, but that would probably end up being as tedious as devouring hearts and killing the lights in The Darkness.

It's just in there but it's not really adding anything all that interesting, imo.