Rock Band GameSpy Preview

The new game from Harmonix -- the creators of the hugely successful Guitar Hero games -- looks to expand upon the company's previous successes by adding a drummer and singer to the band, as well as online play. If this seems a little too over the top, think again: even at this early stage, Rock Band is ridiculous fun to play, and it's not hard to imagine it supplanting the Guitar Hero franchise later this year.

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THE HIVE MIND3974d ago

The biggest draw for a game like this is its price point
remember steel battalion for the xbox
it was a 200$ game with a big control board and foot pedals
the game was fun and cool but the price killed it
so to issue a game with 2 guitars,1 drum pad,and microphone(yes i no you can use the xbox live headset) is asking alot of consumers
to cough up the doe*

but for me i think price point to be around 200 is alot of money that could be spent elsewhere
but to contradict myself i live with 2 people who are huge guitar nerds
so splitting the skrilla to purchase the game is ez

i think you die hard fans of GH 1&2 would be willing to make the exception

*things i would love to see in multiplayer
3 bands duke it out online
If anyone wants to form a band when this game launches
id drum for you
if interested
my gt is - THE HIVE TYRANT pece sluts

MK_Red3974d ago

In the latest episode of Bonus Round ( ), they say the price may be $299, Pricier than Wii.

FreeMonk3973d ago

that they will release the game on it's own due to the fact that people already own the GH2 guitar for whatever platform (the Wii may be an exception), which may increase sales for people who may not be able to afford the more expensive package.

I'll buy the drums and the game first, and use my old GH2 guitar in the beginning.

I know I won't be buying a microphone though because I can't sing for S&*t, and I'd rather hear the original vocals blasting out of my Digital Sound system instead of some whiny singer who can't sing!

Looks great, and I'll looking forward to it! Just make sure there's some IRON MAIDEN on there!

timmyp533974d ago

but it sure looks like its worth it =)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3974d ago

Wonder if you can buy the game without the instruments and just use the controller?

Newmanator3974d ago

I am completely indecided.

1. I don't want it on 360 cus all the apps will probably kill the tired console.

2. I don't want it on ps3 cus none of my m8s have a ps3!

And its not like its a Wii system seller as the game + accessories is as much as a console.