Eye of Judgment set looks uber-nerdy, uber-awesome

User Shin-Ra at the PS3Forums has stumbled upon the entire package of the upcoming PlayStation Eye game, Eye of Judgment. Now sporting the subtitle Biolith Rebellion, the set comes with the PS-Eye, stand, card mat and starter deck all in addition to the game itself. While you might be thinking "wow, that's a lot of stuff ... it's probably really expensive," you'd be surprised to learn that the cost for all of this is only around 10,000 yen. If you translate that into US dollars, it's around $80.

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AllroundGamer3938d ago

i will definitely buy this game, cause i like the Yu-gi-oh card system, so i hope, a Yu-gi-oh game will be also released in the future for the PS-Eye.

timmyp533938d ago

just how gamers like it.

MK_Red3938d ago

Looks a bit too techy but rather kool.

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