Xbox 360 Elite sales jump 1800% Because of warranty announcement?

The sales on Amazon jumped around 1800% Is it because of warranty announcement or fresh stock?

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TheMART3577d ago


I didn't see that one coming

Fisher3393577d ago

from that link it only shows 400%?

MADGameR3577d ago

They better do that. They'll probably make you guys buy another 360 anyway.

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carlman233577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

It's just a bit of added security for people who are fans of the games that the 360 offers. What I'm still not sure of is why so many people are trying to put a negative spin on the fact that MS is actually poney-ing up to their mistakes and doing something about it...

I wanna see the sales figures in a month or two!.

Odion3577d ago

wow we're already seeing a huge change since they announced the new plan!

TaylorB3577d ago

It's likely a combination of both. But I would mostly say that it's due to resupply.

DrPirate3577d ago

Good news for Microsoft.