Current and Future Portfolio of PS3 Games not Casual Oriented Enough?

Are the current and and future portfolio of PS3 games not casual oriented enough? Continue to see summary of facts collected and conclusion based on those facts.

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carlman234031d ago

I'm not sure that the massive price tag of the system (price drop or not) will really be able to capture the casual market... I think that Sony's money is best spent focusing on drawing more of the video-phile crowd that they've courted with this system.

Once the price drops a few hundred bucks, maybe then they'll be able to woo the casual crowd away from the Wii (if that's even possible at this point!).

SWORDF1SH4031d ago

yeah i agree. you cant aim the price tag at hardcore gamers and then expect to get casual gamers to buy the system jus because of a few casual games that they might like. sony should concentrate in on games that will showcase the ps3 and make hardcore gamers want to buy the system and maybe next year when the price tag is $200 lighter then can try to attract casual gamers.

aiphanes4031d ago

There are many casual games in playtation home and little big planet is the best casual game comming out early next year..

Sony is in a good position.

On the PSN network the PS3 will get Pain and they already have SuperStardust HD...

hikikimori4031d ago

Hey I don't want to play 'Hello kitty Island Adventure' or brain tease or some $hit like that on a ps3/360 or Pc.
I'm sure Nintendo are selling a gazillion DS's and Wii's and good luck to them. It does not mean us 'real' gamers can't still like hardcore titles.

hillbilly20074031d ago

of the ps3 doesnt really scream "casual gamers play me!". they just have 2 stick to the hardcore demographic till the price is substantially lower. This just mean their putting more money into the so-called "hardcore games", i guess. better 4 us.

DJ4031d ago

into easy-to-define demographics like "Hardcore Gamers", "Casual Gamers", "Semi-casual Gamers", etc. I mean really, how do you define "casual games" anyway. They should stick with their current plan, which is just creating unique and amazing titles without regard for demographics.