Lost Odyssey At E3 - New Trailer,Game Out this Year

In an Interview conducted by Gamersyde, Hironobu Sakaguchi confirmed that, the game will be making it's presence at E3 this year. New details about the gameplay have been uncovered as well.


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TriggerHappy3938d ago

The game is definitely out this year they thats great news if it is true

tehcellownu3938d ago

Blue Dragon didnt even come out yet..probaly next month..i just dont see lost odyssey comin out this year too..i completly forgot about this game..

Vojkan3938d ago

I think this game was confirmed for a long time ago that it will be released in 2007, even in US. If i am not wrong it is simultaneous release Japan/US. Maybe you are asking, but how? Well answer is that they from begging were making also English version, that was not the case with Blue Dragon

Xeoset3938d ago

I CANNOT! wait for this game!!!

Sakaguchi is a mastermind and you can tell how much he's worth after FFXII was considered so poor, because he wasn't a part of it.

crck3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

92% from the gamming press. Obviously they are just dying without him. BTW, you guys shouldn't get too excited. It will be out in Japan this year. Dont expect to see it in the US until 6-10 months later.

TriggerHappy3938d ago

The devs have confirmed that this game is definitely coming out this year if all goes as planned. And not only that, it will be launching simultaneously across all regions.

Lex Luthor3938d ago

ff12 was one of the worse in the series, ff has gone downhill since ffx-2.

xbox360elitegamer3938d ago

This is a must game for me. I must buy it!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.