Sadness Game is Canned; Music Tracks Released

With the demise of Sadness for the Wii, some of Polish music composer Arkadiusz Reikowski's unfinished work has seen the light of day for game music fans to appreciate in its incomplete glory.

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dgroundwater2222d ago

It never felt very "Alive" so I can't say I feel pain in it's death. Was this really just vaporware?

Raoh2221d ago

shame, i was looking forward to this games concept..

it would be great move or natal too..

Agent_Cody_Banks2221d ago

Can't say its a surprise. I'd be bummed if I stilled owned my Wii.

Walrus2221d ago

This music is really pretty. I think I shall put it on my PS3

jjesso19932221d ago

thats sad was looking forward to this.

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