Will Microsoft Beat Sony to a Price Cut Announcement?

With the recent rumors of a pending PS3 price cut, is Microsoft thinking of taking the plunge also?

According to Joystiq, on June 15th - Xbox 360 Premium will have been $399 for 600 days. This is longer than even the PlayStation 2 took to initially reduce its price from launch.

Even with the emergence of the Nintendo Wii, Sony is still the primary rival and target for Microsoft's Xbox division. History shows that Microsoft and Sony always try to out-trump the other come E3, the industry's largest convention.

During E3 2003, Sony apparently became aware of a pending Xbox price cut and beat Microsoft to the punch by announcing a Playstation 2 price cut to $179 (from $199) during the week prior to E3. As planned, Microsoft followed through with their announcement at E3 Wednesday that year.

So, do you think Microsoft return the favor this year by trumping Sony's expected price cut at E3 this Wednesday?

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Mycococo3877d ago

the rumor that spurred this article was taken from joystiq on June 15th, 2007. before the the 1.15 billion loss was announced as well as before all the news started coming in from retailers about the ps3 price drop. people are already getting ps3 at the lowered price! so no, if ms drops the price it wont be before the ps3. duh!

Crazyglues3876d ago

But if they do that will be the nail in Sony's coffin because that will make Xbox 360 just too good a deal to pass up.

MK_Red3877d ago

The picture is awesome. I think Moore's next tattoo will be either this or MGS4... or no tattoo at all.

clownfacemcgee3877d ago

He only has 2 arms. Maybe He'll tattoo his thigh. Or maybe his forehead. Maybe, he'll tattoo his genitals. Maybe he'll tattoo his appendix, then get it surgically removed to show everyone.

AznSniper3877d ago

I think his tattoo will be Halo 3

BubblesDAVERAGE3877d ago

I personally dont care if this game goes multi platform...but i doubt it does..he even said it himself..if he goes bak on his word then...he would be just like the rest he even knocked capcom for doing it for DMc

PS360PCROCKS3877d ago

I hope they do since I need to get another one...

chasegamez3877d ago

you better get 2 xbox360 you no there not build 2 last

actionjackson3877d ago

going to put your confidence back into this system? why? why is it worth so much to you to spend soo much on a system that has so many flaws? just wondering. for the record, i've been through 2 and the thrid one just wnet out on thurday. I'm through with x360, I won't even plug it in anymore.

BIadestarX3877d ago

@MART_SUCKS, I am glad your xbox 360 went dead... I'm on my first... having lost 3 xbox 360 you should of gotten it by now. The xbox choses it's owner... and if you suck balls... your xbox 360 will continue to break... you are not worth of owning an xbox 360... Go buy a PS3 if you dont already own one... we don't want you on our network(xbox live). Do you think you will be missed? Nope. So let him buy as many xbox 360 he wants... what's in it for you? I am getting an elite next week... that's 2 xbox 360.... heck... I can even buy 2 core ($299) = 1 PS3... and since I alreday own a hard drive I can just swapt the hard drive between them. you heard that!? I can own 3 xbox 360 each with a 3 year warranty... if one brakes? who cares! I have 2 more to go...

@DJ, no microsoft does not need to do anything. Sony is not yet making any profits on the PS3 and Sony's dedt is way larger since microsoft does not owe money like Sony does. And look... sony may be doing a price drop. So, if Sony is more into the red than microsoft and microsoft have more money than Sony... then why wouldnt they do a xbox 360 price drop if it will ensure they have a better chance of console domination? Do you think microsoft cares about losing another 1-2 billion if it can push them ahead? Sony is the one that shoudlnt be getting a price drop... their consoles has not being out a year.... call that wherever you want... but companies only drop prices that quick... only when they fail to capture the market. XBox 360 being out fore more than 600 days... at the same price. they are already making a profit... if Sony only had the 1.x billion dollard problem to deal with they would be happy... but they are still bleading money left and right... even on blu-ray stand alone drives.

Loudninja3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

This is just a post

neogeo3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I just want to snap it!

EDIT: your a real cunt for taking all my bubbles

riqued3877d ago

Xbox should cut its price, but M$ just lost a billion because of the red rings...

LeShin3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

yeah, cutting the price for the Xbox might not be easy this time round. It's been documented that their shareholders were not impressed with their profit margins (or lack of) with the games division.....and this was BEFORE the RROD issue flared up.

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