Reason behind 360 Failures: Surge Protectors?

GamePolitics asks:
Could your surge protector be causing your Xbox 360 to go red rings?

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gta_cb3908d ago

"90% of the consoles they see have all failed in 6-12 months of being plugged into a surge protector."

well i have had mine for over 6months now, and yes i have it plugged into a surge protector with my Sky box, DVD player, HDTV and surround sound speakers. and i am not changing anything. i once had the electric turn off then on very quickly, and it gave my Xbox 360 the red rings of death, i turned it off then back on and is still working fine to this day, so think what could have happened if i hadnt plugged it in a surge protector.

coolmatrix3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

First year 10 million sold. Since ONLY 1.6 million. I smell a rat.

30% or higher failure rate... Bunch of losers.

Rushed to be first and cheap. NO HDMI, NO HD-DVD, NO Wi-Fi, Mostly PC ports. Bunch of losers!!

AFTER POACHING DMC4 and GTAIV and others NOT much PS2 franchises to POACH beyond 2007.

What will MS do? Create NEW Successful IP? I doubt it! Nothing in the Pipeline beyond 2007.

Sounds like a ONE TRICK PONY.

After HALO and two other quaility titles at best nothing for 2008 and beyond.

Oh 2008 or 2009 you will GET ANOTHER Xbox to buy. SUCKERS!!!

There is a SUCKER born every second and he sends in his 360 for repairs.

I still cant believe there are 360 owners out there. Oh wait...SUCKERS!!

Keep giving Bill Gates your money. He appreciates it. And Bill Gates gives you a refurbished 360 for the FULL PRICE.

You must be A LOSER or A MARK!!!

I hope every 360 owner give me their money instead of MS...I would be SUPER RICH!!!

darkequitus3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Of course coolmatrix. And buying a postpone station 3 for $600 just to looak at, you certainly can't play any good games yet, it a lot better. Frig

Who is the sucker now? Like a C***k W***e you will go down on phony for anything

Caxtus7503908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

exactly what happened to me! saw three red rings and was terrified but after turning off and on it was working and yes....the surge protector saved me £279 and much more for my appliances.

socomnick3908d ago

post pone station lol thought it was the delay station.

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Silverwolf3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Needs to STFU! MS man up already it's not due to surge protectors it's due to hardware issues.

actionjackson3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

huh . . .

Pugovitz3908d ago

uhhhhh..... Silverwolf, did you even read the article? Why does Gamepolitics need to "STFU!" when they said pretty much exactly what you did? Wouldn't that make you redundant and useless?

::I could make a joke here about your girlfriend and your sex life, but I'm bigger than that, I'm only saying this because I thought of it and it's funny::

xbox360elitegamer3908d ago

I don't think it's the surge protectors the problem. My friend has his Xbox 360 not plug into a surge protector, he has his straight into a wall outlet and he still got the rings of death. It could cause minor problems, but I don't think it's the main problem, I think it mostly hardware issues that cause it to fail.

Lyberator3908d ago

Two of mine have broke and both were plugged straight into the wall, power brick suspended, out in the open in a dust free environment. No it's def hardware that is the problem here.

BB3908d ago

Anyone else think this sounds like one of those news stories you hear on a nightly basis? I wonder if I gotta tune in at 10 to find out the truth

dale13908d ago

what a load of b*llocks its cheap nasty parts used ask the manufactor
there confirm it

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