Analyst: In-Game Ads Grow To $971 Million By 2011

According to a new report published by Yankee Group analysts, in-game advertising could climb considerably to $971.3 million by the year 2011, up from just $77 million globally in 2006 and $56 million in 2005, as companies begin to target the video game market for static and dynamic commercials.

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kr90913906d ago

I bet this would be a very effective for large companies to get thier name out there. And it probably wouldn't be as expensive because unlike TV, the companies wouldn't have to pay everytime the logo is shown.....well maybe =)

MK_Red3906d ago

Will this decrease game costs? I seriously hope so.

ElementX3906d ago

You can't spell analyst without "anal". Just a random comment.

I'd rather see actual movie posters in the subway in Darkness than fake ones, also billboards in games for real products might be kind of fun. As long as it's not excessive.

timmyp533906d ago

for certain games ,it depends. A good example would be this screenshot of the ps3 Getaway i attached.