GTA 4 and San Andreas Graphics Comparison

Graphic comparison between GTA 4 and San Andreas. A remake of the second trailer for GTA 4 with San Andreas. This comparison has been done to show the direction in which Rockstar is taking the game graphically.


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Coffin873880d ago

i agree this is simply awesome.. xD
it really shows where we are with graphics now.

TheXgamerLive3880d ago

Man, I don't really know what's going on.........

neogeo3880d ago

You really tend to forget how crappy last gen looked. Much respect to rockstar. I love how the face dont even move at all. I will enjoy this game.

fury3880d ago

Our eyes and brains accustomed themselves to the new graphics

Blankman3880d ago

side comment but i don't think GTA 4 will be as good/fun as vice city or san andreas

cr33ping_death3880d ago

i love vice city out of the others, maybe it had to do with the awsome voice acting, RAY LIOTA FTW!!!!


DAYUMMM, this was friggin funny, Oh my gosh, did we used to play that??

They should do PS1 compared to NOW. I went into Gamecrazy the other day, and saw a fighting game for PS1, I can't remember the name, but I was Embarrased that we used to play games like that.

Hey does anyone remember Fighting Force. Truly Gaming Bliss ! lol

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The story is too old to be commented.