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Gamer: Just Cause 2 Review

Gamer writes: "My mission: four jets at an airport destruction. With one hand hanging from a helicopter with my grappling hook and with my other hand in a grenade launcher, I was flown to the military base. About forty feet above the ground and let me fall neatly brings me to my feet correctly. The first two jets flying in the air with my grenade launcher. Then I take a behind-aircraft guns at attacking some soldiers down to blow and the third fighter to demolish even once. Once arrived at the fourth jet, the resistance appears slightly larger than expected. Almost killed me shoot my desperate grab hooks on the last remaining fighter jet off to the cockpit only to find safety. Gas As I do, shoot the enemy jet completely to bits and the burning drive me all of these enemies. I shoot myself in the cockpit with my parachute and exploded less than a second later, the jet plus enemies. Mission accomplished!" (Just Cause 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 8/10

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