The Matrix HD DVD review

Well one thing is certain,this trilogy was made for HD.These movie are milestones in the movie industry and to see them on High Definition just leaves you in awe,this is the only way "bullet time" and "highway chase" can really be viewed the way the director wanted them to be!So click read more to see the good and the bad of this boxset...

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MK_Red3905d ago

I dont know if its gaming related but its The Matrix and I'm a matrix freak. I have DVDs of trilogy but this makes me want to go and buy the HD versions...

Ignorant Fanboy3905d ago

Look at all the reports for this article!

Man I smell jealosy, alot of people reported it twice!!

tons of fun, gta cb, rujoshin, must not like HD-DVD.

Omegasyde3905d ago

Warner announced that the Matrix Trilogy is coming to Blu ray later this year.

This is sort of a "timed" exclusive.

warfed23905d ago

damn... at times like this I hate that there are 2 formats and I don't own one of them!!!!

the worst3905d ago

its just a matter of time
before we see this on bluray

neogeo3905d ago

you need 50 gig to run uncompressed sound. 4.6 megs per second.
not sure if im telling the truth? Goto the store and look at the back of all the HD/DVD boxes under sound there is never any PCM uncompressed.
only True/HD witch is nothing to compare.

cdzie13905d ago

Both HD DVD & Blu-ray have the exact same sound capabilities. I have both a PS3 and HD DVD player are they are both hooked into the same ONKYO HDMI receiver that just came out last month. All PS3 movies are topping out at 48 kHz and all HD DVD movies are playing at double that rate, 96 kHz. Don’t worry about the back of the box, they both have lossless audio and the HD DVD is actually coming out at a higher rate.

sak5003905d ago

There you have it neo. Go and preach your sony fed B$ elsewhere.

Antan3905d ago

"all HD DVD movies are playing at double that rate, 96 kHz"

Excuse me?


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The story is too old to be commented.