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Submitted by frogdefdaa 2135d ago | news

Gran Turismo 5 AI to be Improved

Many fans of the Gran Turismo series often complain that the racer features "robotic" AI. Gran Turismo 5's creator has revealed that it won't be the same case with the first full Gran Turismo title on the PS3,saying it's more "human-like". (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

FangBlade  +   2135d ago
Now release it already :D
Sm0k3y_Bac0n  +   2135d ago
Does anyone know when it's scheduled to be released?
Cueil  +   2135d ago
no way
they've got to add new AI... and now Move... and there are new cars comming out... /sarcasim off

This game should have launched 2 years ago... we should be discussing GT6 right now not 5
garos82  +   2135d ago
and why should we be discussing gt6? get over the long development time of this game. you will be getting so much content for your 60$ that it will be worth it. what is it with you kids and rushing to get sequels out of sequels out of sequels with no new substance?

ill wait as long as it takes to get this masterpiece even though the wait is killing me.but at least i know it will be worth it.
ForNgoods  +   2135d ago
You know what, you're right. I feel the gaming market has been over saturated by sequel after sequel. We should all try to appreciate devs that take the time and effort to innovate and not milking. We've all waited for what seems like forever but i'm sure they're a few of use left who havent forgotten how much Polyphony is packing into this game. Here's hoping for a summer release, doubtful but i dont think i can handle waiting till october.
garos82  +   2135d ago
agree + bubbles for good sense my friend. it seems some disagrees i received indicate why the huge rise in why DLC is becoming so popular and acceptable.

people act as if there are no games out to keep them occupied in the meantime.
ChickeyCantor  +   2135d ago
" you will be getting so much content for your 60$"

And pay sh/tloads of DLC packages that are ready to be put on the disc but since its so long in development 60$ alone wont justify the production.

Just being a bit realistic here.
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garos82  +   2135d ago
what the hell are you talking about?alot of the production costs of gt5 have been covered by gt5p which has sold 3 odd million or so. you are also forgeting the psp gt version. i bet you any money now that if there will be any dlc for gt5 it wont be "locked" on the disc.

just being realistic here
Lifendz  +   2135d ago
Game of the year is going to be tough
God of War 3, Heavy Rain, GT5 are going to be tough competition. Yet and Still I see GameTrailers giving the award to............................ ............................... .........................Final Fantasy XIII!

Way to straddle the fence and avoid appearing biased...or so they think.
Rock Bottom  +   2135d ago
Haha, someone is mistaking Polophony Digital with Capcom.
ChickeyCantor  +   2135d ago
" it wont be "locked" on the disc. "

I never said locked on the disc, i said ready to be put on a disc.

And lots being covered doesn't mean its still enough.
Dont think that 60 alone will do it if you consider how long the game is in production.

Expect DLC at a price.
garos82  +   2135d ago
your still not making any sense.

"And lots being covered doesn't mean its still enough." well its a decent start though isnt it? if your suggesting that they will have extra dlc at launch that will be so radically expenisve again i think you would be mistaken. gt5 is NOT the most expensive game to be made out there.

one more point id like to make: the long production time for gt5 has not been fruitless. its r and d of the main game has also gone into making gt5p and psp gt. so if you think 6 years production of 3 games is too long then i think you need to go buy guitar hero and its bi-monthly releases to keep you happy.
SuperM  +   2135d ago
For your information, GT5P has sold over 4 million copies and most likely covered all the costs of GT5 already. And if previous installments are anything to go by then GT5 should sell atleast 10 million copies. How is that not concidered covering the cost? even if the game cost them 200 million $ they would make a profit. Its like saying halo 3 wasnt going to make a profit because Microsoft spent so much money advertising the game.
ChozenWoan  +   2135d ago
GT5 is coming out of the box with Nascar and WRC, two things any other dev studio would have made DLC. It's even got night racing which is something "the definitive racing sim of this generation" will have to add as DLC, or wait till vol 4 to have. PD is putting all of this on the disc for Day 1.

To be honest, some games should have multiple sequels within 1 console gen, then there are some games so great that you only need 1. GT5 is one of those greats.
ChickeyCantor  +   2135d ago
" so if you think 6 years production of 3 games is too long"

Nah my mistake, I messed up GT5 with the other GT5 as well.
Plus not to forget all the licencing of using all the brands.

And i never said DLC at launch.
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garos82  +   2135d ago
"Nah my mistake, I messed up GT5 with the other GT5 as well.
Plus not to forget all the licencing of using all the brands.

And i never said DLC at launch."

so what the hell are u trying to say?
ChickeyCantor  +   2135d ago
I stood corrected, and added you took my stuff out of context.

Happy now?

Edit below:

My point was that you said you will be getting allot for 60, then i said you will be paying more than 60 cause you know there will be DLC you need to pay for.

And you know damn well lots of these DLC's could have been on the disc.
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garos82  +   2135d ago
im never happy
i took the stuff you said out of context? read your previous posts man.
i was just trying to understand what was the point you were making. my bad for actually thinking there was a point.

maybe polyphony should reprogramme some of that AI into you :P jk/

have a nice day
Dee_91  +   2135d ago
the ones rushing games are the main ones that get mad when they get an incomplete game
They can take as long as they want
CernaML  +   2135d ago
GameTrailers are obviously going to give GOTY 2010 to the MW2 Stimulus Package. Duh.
Cueil  +   2135d ago
you people sure don't mind getting the shaft over and over again do you? Look at all those disagrees... so you would rather wait years to play a game because the devs keep adding more and more stuff? Couldn't these things have just been free DLC? Please don't be giant fanboys and act like you didn't want this game in 2008.
ChozenWoan  +   2135d ago
To Cueil
I got this game in 2008, it's called GT:P. Great game by the way.

It keeps my driving skills warmed up for the big race that is on it's way. Not to mention it's made more than one gamer a pro racer this gen.
pixelsword  +   2135d ago
Cueil; I'm not certain what you mean by being "shafted"
I for one am just as interested and impatient for the game as any other racing sim fan, except that since I'm not sure if I am going to buy it on Day one, I cannot even begin to complain; will you buy it on day one? If not, I don't see how you can say people are being "shafted" when you don't share their perspective.

If you mean because the game has been delayed, it's not the longest game That I've heard of nor the longest game this gen; and when it releases, it appears to have improvements instead of being a dud or average game in it's genre.

If you mean there's some value being lost because of the lack of having the game at all, this is the only game that has been delayed where they put out a free version and a "prologue" before the game came out; other than that, you either get re-hashes of the game (Doom, Duke Nukem), private showings (Killzone 2, GoW III), just clips without any showings (Alan Wake) or you get pretty much nothing until the game drops (Too Human).

If you are trying to suggest that people are trying to hide the fact that they are being "shafted over and over" because they are Sony fanboys, You can say the same thing every time a person gets a bill from Microsoft for XboX live; except the comparison wouldn't be 100% apt because waiting for GT5 doesn't actually cost anything.
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Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2135d ago
Human like AI only possible on the PS3. Forza 3 evidently has the most robotic like AI ever seen on consoles.
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knightdarkbox  +   2135d ago
sony have Embarrassing Moments in gt5 no release date.

soooo disappointed with sony Since 2005-6 when I first heard about this game still is....

Release Date: TBA

F A I L.

Seriously is anyone still hyped for this game? Its been delayed so many times and they've been showing the game even before Ps3 was released...

Greywulf  +   2135d ago
Yet, you silly bots are so excited about alan wake. Which is taking just as long, and not raising the bar in any gaming way at all.
Flashlight, and low polygon characters.

I don't think bots opinons even matter anymore.
FishCake9T4  +   2135d ago
Cant wait till they reveil the final build of this game.
sinncross  +   2135d ago
This is such great news but seriously... let us add AI vehicles to the 2 player splitscreen multiplayer...
C L O U D  +   2135d ago
Sounds cool, im expecting the A.I to make mistakes like to much oversteer, understeer, brake lock etc.
Petro89  +   2135d ago
It needs improving
The AI is pretty poor in GT games.

If they want it to be realistic then drivers should make mistakes, run wide on some corners, have random crashes and such. As opposed to what is it in other GT games where they all drive the perfect line.

RE: Release - The game is coming out December 2010. It's a no-brainer.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2135d ago
If you ever done the endurance races you would know that the cars made mistakes, they would sometimes brake late and go off road.
Biggest  +   2135d ago
In the longer races, I understand it. But people that drive cars for a living are not prone to idiotic, crash filled racing. Yes it happens, especially in NASCAR. But for the most part, racing is clean and formulaic. Having AI that minimizes mistakes is realistic.
Dee_91  +   2135d ago
have you ever seen someone crash doing only 12 laps in real life ?rarely and they rarely crash on GT
ArcFatalix  +   2135d ago
At all you guys wanting them to release it now
Why should they? will it even sell 2 million in one day if they release it now? NO.

Sony spent 100 million on GT5, they will wait till install base increases and release it on holidays. GT5 is terrific you ppl should stop whining a bit let them polish the game.
Gran Touring  +   2135d ago
Sony did not spend $100 million on GT5. it's more like $60 mil.
ArcFatalix  +   2135d ago
It was 60 mil in 2008, 80 in 2009, now its 100.
Strikepackage Bravo  +   2135d ago
They should
because they have millions of fans who have been jerked around by them as far as a release date goes. Fans who have got nothing but weak demos, a bunch of fake and rumored release dates and still no solid one.

This is unprofessional and it is the wrong way to treat your customers, also like someone said, this game should have been out 2 years ago, Sony had been bragging about this game since before the PS3 launch, as if it was going to be a launch title.

The reason Sony treats you fanboys like crap is because you put up with it, this is why your still paying to have your YLOD consoles fixed, while 360 fans got a 3yr warranty, because EVERYONE made a fuss about the shabby build quality of 360. You need to make a fuss about the way GT5 has been handled.
TrooGamer  +   2135d ago
Microsoft gave an extended warranty out f the goodness of there hearts i guess?

Anyway you get your precious release date at E3 and people can stop crying about it as its getting old.

Its ready when its ready simple..not saying more cames should take this long but if more companies werent pushed to release games to sell machines then we as gamers wouldnt end up with lame duck sequels that could be DLC
HDgamer  +   2135d ago
Strikepackage Bravo
YLOD can be fixed with a swap of a hard drive. RROD can't be fixed which is why you have a pathetic 3 year warranty. So within those first few weeks of playing it dies, you send it back, you repeat the process. 360 fans don't play games, they can't if their white box is dead.

PS3 gamers are getting high quality games, look at forza 3. No one is talking about that game, not even Turn10. They are just simply not talking about this game, DLC was released how long ago and no 360 fan is talking about it? You know why is that? Because the game isn't even good on all levels, the psp GT game handles more cars on the road and they have more cars in the game. That's pathetic how Turn 10 treated their so called customers with lies and a HD photograph mode that makes the actual game mode look ridiculous. Its like watching a stripper in a club in the dark but when you take her home she has scars all over her face and back.
#6.5 (Edited 2135d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Gran Touring  +   2135d ago

It's not near $100 mil, just slightly more than $60
NinjaSp33d  +   2135d ago
can't wait
to get my hands on this baby
Jls1  +   2135d ago
Ive already noticed changes in GT5p when I was in the lead I looked back and saw the AI that was behind me make a wide turn that made him go off track when he was trying to catch me on the last lap.
thor  +   2135d ago
The trouble with ALL racing games I have played, is that when playing against EASY AI, it is NOTHING like playing against rubbish human players. Easy AI is flawless AI that's been slowed down by capping its acceleration or top speed. That's not the slightest bit realistic! If anything, the noob player will ALWAYS accelerate to the maximum and will easily match you on the straights. The difference is that the noob player will not slow down enough, or slow down too much for the corners. Or will crash out entirely. No racing game I've seen has properly nailed this for some reason, instead making AI opponents who are just slow.
Cueil  +   2135d ago
no doubt... but
That's really what Online is for
thor  +   2134d ago
Online is often too tough though. There are definite problems with online, difficulty being one of them. Necessarily, most people have to lose the race online, meaning that it's quite hard for most people. There's also no way to quickly restart if you crash right at the start. Then there's the problem of finding full servers a couple of years after a game's release.
wissam  +   2135d ago
Thank you very means will make it a little easy.the game was crazy in 5 seconds penalty for touching your opponents in some races.
dvfgh   2135d ago | Spam
alphakennybody  +   2135d ago
That's good too hear, I recently bought a racing game ( Ferrari Challenge)to quench my thirst of simulation and to my surprise it has probably one of the most advanced AI: they do mistakes, will over take you, sometime even be aggressive when you're not expecting the most.
#12 (Edited 2135d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PirateThom  +   2135d ago
That and Supercar Challenge are pretty hardcore racing sims, I don't own either, but if you're looking for something to tide you over to GT5, you could do a lot worse. At the very least, it will provide a challenge, reminds me of Lotus Challenge from last gen.

Ugly as sin graphically, but the AI and handling are top notch.
level 360  +   2135d ago
gut feeling...
I'm speculating once another GT5 demo ( previous Nissan 370Z ) comes out within this or next month the final game won't be very far behind..
poopnscoop  +   2135d ago
Still won't be better dan Forza
tripewire  +   2135d ago

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