Pre-E3 2007: Sierra Online XBLA Blowout

TeamXbox got a bit of a sneak peek at Sierra Online's offering for next week's big show. They say the company, a division of Vivendi Games, plans to unveil three new Xbox Live Arcade titles, including Battlestar Galatica. Hit the jump for the full descriptions and the link for plenty of more details, screens and even a video.

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Diselage4032d ago

Wish they would just make a Marble Blast Ultra 2

Lygre4031d ago

I wish they would make MBU2 or adding new maps as a downloadable pack for MBU1. But I think that they would get more attention if they did make MBU2.

Switchball looks a bit fun. But not close to MBU.

MK_Red4032d ago

Switchball looks cool but too similair to Balance.

Rhezin4031d ago

and this is just arcade too!

lockload4031d ago

yeh sierra online have a division just for XBLA games