New and Smaller PS2 is official

The slimline PStwo is already too small for comfort for some, but Sony has managed to make it even smaller! Japan's Nikkei Business Daily reports today that the new model SCPH-79000 of the PS2 hardware features a drop in weight from 900 to 600 grams. The system's AC adapter has also dropped from 350 to 250 grams.


Sony has started shipping the new hardware, which is visually identical to previous versions and while the weight is decreased (by a reduction of parts), the size remains the same.

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MK_Red3905d ago

I wonder if they will add some kind of motion sensor controls to this one.

ALI G3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )


EDIT:@3.Blankman:the prick BELOW ME.How making ps2 lighter by 300gm going to help it against wii????? it visually identical to the previous version and no mention of any motion-sensing technology in this one if you read.the average customer will not notice anything .and i cannot see how taking the weight by 300gm is targting the wii.New colours, seems your mind is blank.


eclipsegryph3905d ago

While I certainly understand and agree with your stance that changing the PS2 like this isn't going to create or help any PS2 vs. Wii competition, I "Disagreed" with you because I can barely understand what you're trying to type out. Just because you have an icon of Ali G doesn't mean you have to emulate his level of intelligence.

TheMART3905d ago

The point is:

Less use of plastic, cheaper to produce, more profit on each PS2 sold.

They make money on the PS2 and loose a lot on the PS3. So they need to finance the PS3 from something. That's why the PS2 is being redesigned.

They might lower the price of the PS2 also, to just expand their fanbase and HOPE that they might ever jump into the PS3 one time

clownfacemcgee3905d ago

You said "loose", when you should have said "lose." Get your grammar together before you bash the PS3.

nice_cuppa3905d ago

not an english test.

remove the stick from your butt and move on.

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Blankman3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

uhhhh i dunno to compete with the wii since it too is essentially a last gen system with motion controls. Sony is really goin all out to squeeze all the life out of the ps2. Jst because you have a 360 dosent mean you should hate on all things not 360

@Ali G above. I never said it was going to HELP them against the wii but you can see how they would want to target the wii. So unlike you i see the point. Admit you are just hating on sony a lot of people do it so don't feel like you are alone on the issue. And for the record i think pushing out more gimmicky motion sensing controls would be lame and i wouldnt benefit from them as i dnt play such

biomajor093905d ago

I have a feeling that sony is going to announce a price drop at e3 for the ps3 and bring the ps2 down to $99 and try to steal the wiis thunder.

clownfacemcgee3905d ago

It said the external power supply fell from 350g to 250g, and last time I checked, the psp doesn't have an external power supply, save the charger.

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