GRAW 2: Xbox 360 vs PC Comparison

The Xbox 360 video is a GameSpot HD 720p video, WM3 13 Mbs (very good bitrate). After have a cut and montage, recoding in MPEG 2 at 25 Mbs with PC video and recoding in DivX at 12 Mbs for upload in Stage6. The PC is in one 8800 GTX, without blur at 1080p - after resized in the "montage" at 720p, recoding in MPEG 2 at 25 Mbs and recoding in DivX at 12 Mbs for upload in Stage6.

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BUM3846d ago

The video is 101% working. 56k no-no

Tommie3846d ago

GRAW 2 on PC is FPS and GRAW 2 on 360 is TPS so this comparison is lame.

TheXgamerLive3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

But the Xbox 360 version is incredible, and with the 360 we have the option of playing First or third person. It's default is third person though.

edit: Why the hell would someone say/click "disagree" with what I said?

xfrgtr3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

a comparison of two different games,very intelligent.This for you xbots:"GRAW2 isn't a port of the recent Xbox 360 game. Instead, Ubisoft and Grin have developed a custom-built first-person shooting experience for the PC."WHAT ABOUT THAT? HOW DO YOU COMPARE TWO DIFFERENT GAMES?
"Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 stormed onto the Xbox 360 in March, providing more thrills to fans of military-themed shooters. The PC version arrives next month, and it's a very different game from its 360 cousin. While the Xbox 360 and the upcoming PlayStation 3 versions are third-person action games, the PC version is a first-person game. Ubisoft and Swedish developer Grin used this approach for the original GRAW for the PC, and the two companies have again teamed up for the sequel. We recently got a chance to play a work-in-progress version of the game."

TheXgamerLive3846d ago

Just providing info or a link would of been all we needed not this stupid dumb assed xbot BS.

lockload3846d ago

Of course no they cost 3 times more and should perform better..

The 8800~GTx card in the pc costs $200 more than a 360 it should perform much much better (i should know i have one and have played the graw2 demo)

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