Devil May Cry Episode 3 (Eng Sub) Out Now

Devil May Cry - 03 - Not Love.

Full 3rd episode of Devil May Cry anime with english subs. Maybe a little violent for some people.

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Devilbringer3939d ago

Devil may cry episode is so cool, i have watched all 3 episode. i hope someone will post the 4 episode when it comes out :)=)

MK_Red3939d ago

Is there a chance of them being released on DVD with English voice over?

ChaosKnight3939d ago

This shouldn't even be up... it is like putting up a Hollywood movie on Gametrailers... Since it has been licensed, we'll be getting an English DMC later this year (if not early next), but if site hosts this and are located within North America will get a warning, and if they refuse the warning they will be charged with... what is it? copyright infringement? Anyways, something like that. Wonder if that is why the video wont play for me anymore =P