Investors sue Midway Games

Midway Games Inc., the Chicago-based video game company controlled by Sumner Redstone, misled investors about its financial condition, causing them to suffer "terrible losses," according to a federal securities fraud lawsuit.The case, filed Friday in federal court in Chicago, also names as defendants Chief Executive David Zucker, Chief Financial Officer Thomas Powell and three other executives. Redstone is not a defendant...

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MK_Red3846d ago

Well, Midway has been really bad to gamers too. First they milk their franchises like Mortal Kombat by releasing quick games every year and then they come up with the worst 360 and WWII game known to man (Hour Of Victory). I think gamers should sue Midway.
The only thing that Im worried about is the future of MK. Midway may force the team to release an unfinished Mortal Kombat 8 this year.