How does Gaming affect who we are?

What effect does gaming have on who we are?
How does what we do in virtual worlds affect who we are in the real world?

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MK_Red3972d ago

Superb picture (Fallout FTW!) and great article.

Ru3972d ago

Found the article well written and very interesting.
Seems like nobody here likes to approve articles?

MK_Red3972d ago

Agreed. The funy thing is that some times I do find myself making decisions based on games (Specially from RPGs).
These days it takes hours for full approval and even then the temperature of good news wont increase much while rumors and other stories reach 500 and 1000 easily.

Eagle Eye3971d ago

I dont know about all that all I know is that I know the difference between the real world and the game world. In the end its only a game just like football. But I do believe games a educating I know stuff that I normally wouldnt know.