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Gamecritics: Heavy Rain is, in many ways, not well written (Part 1)

Gamecritics writes: "So it's fair to say that I don't have the greatest confidence in David Cage's ability to create something that makes sense. Still, I decided to delve into Heavy Rain and see what he'd produced this time around. Now, four hours in, just having completed "The Bear" I'm ready with some initial comments-and these are just going to be plot things, since this isn't an official "review" of the game. Also, unless it gets really egregious I'm not going to comment on the awkward phrasing caused by the game's sometimes iffy translation."

Warning: Article contains spoilers. (Heavy Rain , PS3)

Light Yagami  +   2015d ago
I agree. heavy rain sucks. voice acting is terrible, script makes no sense and animations are stiff.
rucky  +   2015d ago
It's also one of the most emotional gaming experience one will ever have so behave yourself imagay.
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captain-obvious  +   2015d ago
Gamecritics: Heavy Rain is, in many ways, not well written (Part 1)
Gamecritics: Somehow Heavy Rain continues to worsen (Part 2)

well the month just started
it looks like Gamecritics just got their payroll from MS

but it all wont change this
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lelo2play  +   2015d ago
I finished Heavy Rain and thought it was a interesting game with a great story, but with very limit gameplay. Gameplay is the most important thing in a game, and Heavy Rain has lack of it. Honestly i don't think Heavy Rain deserved all those 10's it got, because it's no way near a perfect game. It was way overhyped. Quantic Dream's older game Fahrenheit was a better game then Heavy Rain.

@captain-obvious "it looks like Gamecritics just got their payroll from MS"
It looks like i also received my payroll from Microsoft, just because i don't think Heavy Rain a perfect game. For God's sake, grow up already.
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EvilBlackCat  +   2015d ago
@ lelo2play
obviously this guy is a loyalist

ITS obvious!

militant07  +   2015d ago
more like you recieved yours from Sony

edit: wow look at the disgrees
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Dee_91  +   2015d ago
Somebody tell the author he a few weeks late
Rocket Sauce  +   2015d ago
Well, a character in Heavy Rain does actually say, "You go, girl!"
Marceles  +   2015d ago
It's absolutely nuts how much PS3 games get analyzed, just ridiculous
kancerkid  +   2015d ago
At captain obvious:

Obviously you have never been to the site. They call out every single game for its faults, and also what they do best.
They destroyed Halo 3 when it came out.

You dont know what your talking about.
MattCielo  +   2015d ago
I 100% agree with you. They ripped on Mass Effect 2, Halo 3, Modern Warfare 2 all for being games that castrated themselves for appealing to the masses. How does ripping on one PS3 game make them biased if they already ripped on Mass Effect 2 and Halo 3? Seriously, if you read the article, the guy makes legitimate points. This isn't some crappy IGN article, it's a well written article, with engaging points that are meant to evoke discussion.
ktchong  +   2015d ago
The current metacritic score for Heavy Rain is 87
Which is really a fair score for the game.

Sony might have controlled the initial waves of reviews and put a gag order on (bad) reviews initially, but as more and more reviews came out later, the average score turned out to be very fair.

I have always found that the metacritic scores are very fair in the long run; the only people who complain about metacritic being biased is the PS3 fanboys who are upset that some PS3 exclusives got some low average scores.
sikbeta  +   2015d ago
Heavy Rain Story is Great, there are some "WTF?-Moments" and some "there is something missing here" moments but is really Enjoyable, well at least is better than the average "guy saving the girl" story.... lol
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k jules  +   2014d ago
This has nothing to do with HR being a sony exclusive,
The lowest review for Mass Effect 2 on Meta is a 7,5, and it belongs to gamecritics.com. This site is unbiased and critically analizes all games, something most of the popular sites have forgotten over the last few years.
despair  +   2015d ago
i love how the guy is ragging on the game when he hasn't even played it to completion even once. Sure there are plot holes but its better than 90% of the crap stories out there. when will people just shut up and enjoy a game instead of only pointing out the negatives. Constructive criticism is good but stupidity, ignorance and fanboyism shouldn't be tolerated.
Hotel_Moscow  +   2015d ago
the story is the only thing they can bag on though
SiteNblog Defender  +   2015d ago
He makes some very good points. I can't believe Heavy Rain messed up the most basic things like cops not interviewing people.

Heres part 2 - http://www.n4g.com/ps3/News...
Rocket Sauce  +   2015d ago
Read the 4th paragraph on part 2. I think that's the biggest problem with Heavy Rain. They threw in a really dumb twist just for the sake of twisting.
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vickers500  +   2015d ago
I think you do not understand the definition of "constructive criticism". Constructive criticism does NOT mean "if you do not agree with me, then you are stupid fanboy".
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2015d ago
we all know this already.
ps3 exclusive game:

analyzed and criticized unto no end.still sells over a million.but criticized for not selling 10 million.

360 game:

free pass and forgotten in a week or 2.still receives 9-10 reviews.reaches standards ps3 reached 2 years ago.forza3-forgotten.fable2-fo rgotten.mass effect 2 just came out-forgotten.the only games that are not forgotten is the first version next gen halo(3) and cod.

multiplatform game:

compared up to release,then forgotten when the ps3 version sells just as well.

multiplatform game comparable to a ps3 exclusive:

said to be just as good as a ps3 exclusive.ps3 version sells just as well or better.ps3 owners still get to play both.the multiplatform game and the EXCLUSIVE.multiplatform game is forgotten while the ps3 exclusive wins the end of year awards.

just another day in the games industry........
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kancerkid  +   2015d ago
have you ever even been to gamecritics.com?
They call out all the games.

Just because you don't know what your talking about doesnt mean you need to label the people who actually do as fanboys.
Xof  +   2015d ago
Heavy Rain IS poorly written. In every way. The weak delivery certainly doesn't help matters. More than any other game this generation, Heavy Rain is a product of hype and little else.

But, because it's an exclusive, it gets blind praise. Odd, especially when you consider that the PS3 actually HAS exclusive games that excel in every aspect Heavy Rain gets such undeserved praise for. I can only assume it's because those games weren't nearly so heavily advertised.
SiteNblog Defender  +   2015d ago
Funny yet truthful read.
ReBurn  +   2015d ago
I like Heavy Rain so far. It reminds me a lot of the gameplay of Shenmue. It has the QTE's and the sense of time that I liked. Some folks won't remember Shenmue, so they might not make the connection.

In my opinion the game starts off kind of slow and I found it slightly tedious to play through the initial parts that led up to the main storyline. I can see why the author would have you do that because it does provide a lot of perspective on one of the main characters. But part of me believes that the first hour or so could have been summed up pretty well in a 5 minute cutscene. I'm definitely not complaining since you can start subsequent playthroughs from a different point in the story.
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A change in the wind  +   2015d ago
This article is, in many ways, not well written.
That_Genius  +   2015d ago
Honestly you guys all care about realism way to much. If you want realism put down the controller go outside and start looking for serial killers. Otherwise STFU its a game it doesn't have to be realistic that's the beauty of it.
butterfinger  +   2015d ago
Wow, what an ignorant comment.
This game was trying to achieve the most emotional, realistic experience you could get, and David Cage even said that it was meant to be "fun". The game only succeeds in the eyes of those that were so easily duped by the hype (every PS3 fanboy on N4G, basically).
omni_atlas  +   2015d ago
actually in one interview David Cage said he didn't want people to have 'fun' playing his game. Article came up on N4G a few weeks ago.
thor  +   2015d ago
Compare the writing of Heavy Rain against God of War, Halo, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and see which game comes out worse. Honestly, Heavy Rain's script is better than most of those games'. For a start it actually attempts to build character rather than throwing some "badass dudes" into a warzone.
Xof  +   2015d ago
What indisputable logic!
So if you compare a game with bad writing to games with notoriously atrocious writing, that makes the bad writing great?

It... it... doesn't work that way. Just because the gaming industry has very, very low standards does NOT mean that we can call mediocre and just-plain-bad writing "good" by comparison. The standards will never--NEVER--get any higher unless gamers like you stop accepting the status quo and start demanding more.
thor  +   2014d ago
I agree actually. I'm just annoyed that it's only Heavy Rain that's being picked on, as though that's the worst example out there. It's when games like God of War get a great story rating that we should be worried. We should be looking to Heavy Rain as a step in the right direction and supporting it so that better writers can do their thing in the interactive medium, whilst still acknowledging that there is a long long way to go.
butterfinger  +   2014d ago
Heavy Rain's story is getting picked on, because the story IS the game. All of the other games you listed are much more fun than Heavy Rain, and it doesn't really matter if the story is better or not. Heavy Rain lives and dies by it's story, so it's basically dead to me.
Theoneneo81  +   2015d ago
Granted Heavy Rain wouldnt win any awards if it were a Movie but its still better written than Power Rang oh I mean Halo 3.
Chicago8506  +   2015d ago
some ppl r juss unbelieveable.
The Author gets all technical...explaining how a 10yr old should act., and a grown man ect. ect. yadda yadda yadda...

"well technically, a 10yr old should b smarter than Jason was."
"well technically, Ethan should've went to the police with all this info, so he's stupid."
"well honestly David Cage is a terrible writ---AWWWWW SHUT YO MOUTH!

No matter how ya try n turn, or flip it....fact iz...Heavy Rain iz without a doubt 1 ov the best games this Gen., and believe come VGA's, Quantic Dream will recieve some award for their great work!

Close ya mouth, play tha game, enjoy it for what it gives.....n stop TRYING to find reasons NOT to like it.

Game on!
PS360WII  +   2015d ago
heh I love Heavy Rain but I can't help but smile and agree with this guy. The points he makes are pretty spot on. Poor writing is an understatement when you consider all these aspects he brings up

then again what movie, tv show, book, or any other game doesn't have horrible writing lol
kneon  +   2015d ago
Most contemporary forms of entertainment have little substance, often ridiculous plots, gratuitous sex, violence and foul language and various other crap just thrown in to appeal to a certain demographic. Does that mean that these can't be entertaining? certainly not. But if you go in with the mind set of finding everything wrong with the movie, book, game etc. then it's unlikely you are going to enjoy it.

Most stories of this genre require a certain level of stupidity on the part of many of the characters involved otherwise they would be over very soon.

Heavy Rain is a game about emotions, if you are unwilling or too emotionally immature to allow yourself to get pulled into the game then you probably won't enjoy it much. For those who are ready to appreciate the game for what it is trying to do, it is one of the most amazing gaming experiences you have ever had.
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PS360WII  +   2015d ago
For sure. I think Heavy Rain is a great caper/film noir style game, and good point on that if the people in these stories did anything a normal person would do the story wouldn't last that long lol.

I just like it when a person breaks down all the little things that just don't mesh quite right in things.

though I don't think it's right to say someone is immature if they might not like this game
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kneon  +   2015d ago
I didn't mean to imply that if you don't like the game then you must be emotionally immature, that is just one reason why you may not like it. For example I can't see many of the foul mouthed, t-bagging 12 year olds that you encounter online really enjoying this game except for the nude and sex scenes.
PS360WII  +   2015d ago
lol touche
smokey_vols  +   2015d ago
I agree with the article, but it's still a good game.
Lirky  +   2015d ago
Some gamers just dont like stories, they just like gameplay start,middle, and end. and they move on.. i think games can give off a memorable feeling moment its just some gamers dont have the time to dive into a games story and just focus on gameplay, its a cheap route to play videogames rather than playing a game that u can grow attatched to.
VINNIEPAZ  +   2015d ago
@militant07 "wow look at the disgrees"

Dont worry militant07, I get them all the time. Just keep calling out these fanboys, it come with the territory. Look at me with one bubble, and I wear it proud. Just means the fanboys cant take it. This site is loaded with fanboys that have a throbbing chubby for Sony. I bet captain-obvious never even played the game to form his own opinion. Thats why all he had to say was ANYTHING in Sonys defense.

Hey captain, go fly that a way ----------------->
The Time Reaper  +   2015d ago
Regardless of whether he is right or wrong, why do titles recently released get beyond over analyzed and nitpicked? I mean, I don't remember titles like Gears 2, Jak 2, or Super Mario World getting torn up for every tiny little inconceivable thing. Then you have the big name titles like Modern Warfare 2 get a free pass with its shoddy MP.

No game is perfect, but what's with this latest craze of "second opinion" pieces and "retrospectives?" Here's an idea, if you didn't like MGS2 in the first place, maybe you should have said that in your initial review, or taken more time to reflect on it before writing up your review guys.
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PS360WII  +   2015d ago
Well because those games don't focus on story like Heavy Rain does. I mean there is a reason Kojima and Cage make games and not movies right? oh and glad they do so :)
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bjornbear  +   2015d ago
not well written in comparison to what exactly?

it has flaws but to say its not well written for a video game story is down right spiteful =/

and then consider that the story it self can be changed, which complicates things, i think they did a damn good job at making everything fit

everything that doesn't, will fit DLC i guess =/
KidMakeshift  +   2015d ago
David Cage is a rejected Hollywood writer so he writes for games instead.

He's a horrible writer like most game writers, but he's also a pretentious, arrogant, condescending jerk who thinks he's a video game savior bringing in a new generation of "mature" gaming.

He's right up there with Peter Molyneux and Hideo Kojima.
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2015d ago
David Cage is one of the most humble human beings I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

When David meets a fan, a fellow developer, or even a stranger...he is like an old friend.

I hope none of you listen to this guy.

He read a few things about Heavy Rain, heard some guys talking about it, and made an assessment.

There is absolutely NO basis for his statements.

David lives in France and has, in no way, ever been involved with Hollywood either. If you had played Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) or Heavy Rain, you'd know he's a very talented writer, producer, and director.

The only guys making games like him are Famita Ueda (Shadow of the Colossus, Ico), Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear, Zone of Enders), and Nomura (Kingdom Hearts, Advent Children...directed the film, Final Fantasy VII).

End. Of. Story.
KidMakeshift  +   2014d ago
Dude I've seen interviews, read articles, played the game (and the awful Indigo Prophecy), and also have heard negative comments from people in the gaming industry.

I know that David Cage and his studio reside in France. He was originally a musician for games and film and tried to become a writer for film but it never happened.

I don't like the guy. Sorry.
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Justin_bristoe  +   2015d ago
loved heavy..
..rain wasnt basic instinct or nothing but it was def a thriller
Darkfiber  +   2015d ago
For a video game, it's quite well written. Better than a lot of movies even (there's a LOT of crap out there, don't forget) but it's not amazing. Kind of cliche but at least it has a lot more story to it compared to something like Army of Two, or some other piece of crap game like that.
5tgyw3ty34  +   2015d ago
If there would be awards for shameless media whoring i am pretty sure this *title* would score galactic high.
DORMIN  +   2015d ago
Sure its not a literary masterpiece BUT
Compared to other videogames...

Heavy Rain has one of the best, emotional, and deep stories i've experienced in all of gaming.
Bigrhyno  +   2015d ago
Yet I, in many ways, enjoyed it very much.
SeraphimBlade  +   2015d ago
Yeah, I'll admit to it not being well written. It's no reason to hate the game. The game deserves both recognition and criticism. Everyone still has to play it. Yeah, if you try to coldly analyze the game like this, you'll find a lot to complain about. But it is damn good at getting you worked up emotionally.

This guy has the right to say what he wants but he really should have played through the whole thing first. He's complaining about a lot of things that do make sense later on. Especially with Shelby's storyline.

It's a good thing that "The Taxidermist" was DLC. Seriously? Madison would have run into the wrong serial killer TWICE if that made it in the full game. Who is she? Kim Bauer?
#25 (Edited 2015d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TKCMuzzer  +   2015d ago
Do we really need all these people analysing as much as this. I look at this way, if i play a game and enjoy it, then it's a good game. Some people just have to much time on their hands. Reading the article just bores me as i have already played the game and made up my own mind. If every game followed every single detail of life and how things work games would never get completed. Honestly it's quite easy to pick out all the bad things in games if we look hard enough but then i think that spoils your enjoyment as you are already on a negative mission before you start. Personally i think there are far to many critics in this industry already, without having dedicated members.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2015d ago
Exactly! Thank you.

So...is anyone ready to start an ADA for gaming?

(American Decency Association)

Seriously...it needs to happen.

The ESRB is NOT controlling the industry.

Nobody is.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2015d ago
Any reviewer that gave Heavy Rain less than a 10 is no longer a viable source for reviews for me.


I'm not kidding.

To play this game and give it anything less than a perfect score is a complete and utter disgrace to this masterpiece.

That's like seeing Avatar and saying, "No...the 3D sucked."

Shadow of the Colossus.
Heavy Rain.
God of War 3.

How can a human being play those games without thinking, "This is beyond gaming."?
mricecreamman  +   2015d ago
are you F-ING kidding me
"So, you're on notice, David Cage—if that's not the ending, you're a terrible goddamn writer."

how on how ignorant can this guy that wrote this article. it makes him look like he is the wrong. you just don't say that about people you don't know. i would like to see this guy write/direct/create a game!
#28 (Edited 2015d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2015d ago
Jealousy from David Cage?
AliTheBrit19  +   2014d ago
Heavy Rain is terribly written, way too many plot holes.

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