Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 'Wont fit on DVD9'

Playstation 3 exclusive title: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is coming in the fall of 2007. Evan Wells Co of Naughty Dog states that:

''We're leveraging every bit of technology in the PlayStation 3, from the blu-ray drive, I mean our game would just not fit in single DVD, it will have to be in multiple DVD's which isn't the way you want to play games anymore''

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Kokoro4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Rubbish!!! I don`t care if I have to change a disc. Was there so much complains about people changing disc last gen!?! If so, count me dumbfounded because I could care less about the number of disc as long as I enjoy the damn game. Dont worry about how much it will fit. Worry about enjoyable it is! Cause that`s how I want to play everytime.

edit: yeah cause I dont want to actually enjoy the game. i just want to have gig upon gig of things, just so you know, i can have a game that wont necessarily be longer because of disc space.

snoop_dizzle4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

totally agree.

The means justify the end result, fun.

To be honest though for me, i am pretty much in arms length of my 360 when i play(i play on a 24" HD computer monitor(pretty nice one actually) so its not really bad at all for me.

DrPirate4026d ago

I get your point but you make it sound as if you WANT to switch disks. Dude relax. Personally, I sit 8 feet away from my PS3, it'd just be annoying.

JustCallMeDaddy4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Is not like you are going to have to change it every 10 or 30 minutes(and keep doing it), it would just be like on one cd you have most of the story mode, and in the other cd you have the rest of the story mode and multiplayer(if it has any).Just swap it once when you are playing story mode. Anyways is not like you are going to beat the game like 20 times, usually people just beat it twice or 3 times top.

If you would have to change the cd to play different multiplayer modes, then that would be a problem because(at least me) I play multiplayer like thousands of times. But since it will never happen, i will just lay down in my couch and play my favorite games on my 52 inch HD TV.

DrPirate4026d ago

No I agree. I'm not saying it's a travesty. OMG CHANGING DISCS END OF THE WORLD.

Just merely pointing it out as a minor inconvenience. If you had the choice of a game (being identical in every respect) on 1 cd, or 2. Which would you choose?

Personally, (I'm not against exercise, but face it, if walking 5-6 feet to swap a cd is considered exercise for you, kill yourself immediately) I'd rather just turn the game on, set it and forget it.

ShiftyLookingCow4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Kokoro, totally agreed

DrPirate, when I first saw you I thought you are a fanaticboy but more and more you show yourself to be a genuine fanboy

my own rant about this mess:
I am pretty tired of developers making this particular comment. PS3 uses Blu ray to deliver games. And Blu ray has the capacity to store 25-50GB. And you are making a triple-A title, why the hell would you restrict yourself to 9GB?!?!?

[edit] Blue dragon is still going to be a fun game to play

codeazrael4026d ago

Of course he'll try to pimp the blu ray angle. Answer me something though, if this game is going to be so huge, even if it did come in dvd format, at the very most it would be two discs, and last time I checked, I wasnt soo fat that I couldnt get my lazy ass off of the couch to change a disc once a week or even every other week or maybe even once a month.

Pain704025d ago

if they want to max profits, they'll make it fit. i don't care what game it is, if there are 7-8 million people with a console that uses dvd-9, how can they just ignore that big of a market? sure BR holds alot more info. BFD! install base of PS3 doesn't justify making a game just for BR. "lets make money!!" is the motto of any smart business. xbox had ps2 ports. ps3 currently is getting 360 ports. lowest common denominator is dvd-9 with a potential market that could make you millions by itself. a smart business person never turns there back on a potential customer.

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TheExecutive4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

well, i guess i dont really like getting up and changing a disc. However, if i had to I would. I understand what you two are talking about, but why do it if we dont need to? However, with compressing techniques i dont see why it couldnt.

However, I do have a question. When a developer compresses information does it effect the quality of the video?

VVVVV thanks for the info! I wonder how much space they actually use.

GodofPeace4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Yea for Uncharted to actually be compressed and try in fit in a DVD9 (which I will like to see because that would be an amazing accomplishment) the game would look different. During an interview for Game Head one of the developers said the environment are organic no realy flat surfaces just like in life or something which means a lot of different textures. Games that look great such as Gears of War re-uses textures which doesn't give a lot of things too look at. Most of the game you'll see buildings in one dull color or just rocks. Also graphics compromises Content and that's why Gears is so darn short for a great game that looks good. Uncharted doesn't have to compress and re-use textures which makes the game longer, look better, and more content.

ALI G4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

but it is not noticeable at all .
" it will have to be in multiple DVD's which isn't the way you want to play games anymore".that is why they did not mention anything about that and you know how much sony will love to mention that if comparison will effect the quality .. they just do not want to change the disc. i did not want to wait an extra 1 year to get blue-ray drive in the 360 so i will change the disc if i have too

EDIT;@UP :uncharted will have to re-use texture duo to the slow read speed for blue-ray

EDIT;@nextgengaming18 .4.: IF THE DEMO, 1 or 2level, will not fit in DVD9, than the full game will take more than 50GB = 2 50GB blue-ray unless the full game is only 2 more levels than the just typical "Shony and it partners" promise and do not deliver

lil bush4026d ago

well its probably true, but i dont care aobut getting up to chage a disc

cant wait for drakes fortune on my ps3

nextgengaming184026d ago

This was announced at gdc 07 when they showed off the presentation. They announced that the demo won't fit on a dvd9. Why would the whole game fit on a dvd 9 when a demo can't?

Ludwig4026d ago

Don't put words in my mouth Naughty Dog :3 ..

I know nobody will ever say "Hey multiple Disks is better!" (thought having multiple disks expands the life of the game cos it has more resistance to damage.)

But we can tell you what we DON'T want ..

TheExecutive4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Bluray is a lot more reliable than a standard dvd, and i mean A LOT. So in this one case, i have to disagree with you about that.

Edit: however, i didnt press the disagree button. I still dont know why people do that.

DrPirate4026d ago

Blu-rays scratch resistant coating for the win. That's the main attraction for me :\

Jdoki4025d ago


They may not scratch but they may well rot!!! :)