Bioshock Preview delves into details on the upcoming title Bioshock.

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Ichabod133577d ago

rental. why can't we get online play!! :(

cain1413577d ago

It's almost better to get no multiplayer, than a crappy multiplayer. Singleplayer has been the focus on this project.

Ichabod133577d ago

I agree...but I think going through this with a buddy or 3, would be fun. :P And those weapons are too cool to just use on ai

ALI G3577d ago

another AAA title for xbox360

Daxx3577d ago

Multiplayer is not everything. Look how well KOTOR and Oblivion turned out and they didn't have any online play of any kind.

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ALI G3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

in your pc , if you have one , ?

Captain Tuttle3577d ago

Just release the damn game. I'm looking forward to Bioshock but all the hype is starting to wear thin. Just get on with it!

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