E3 2007 - Whats in store for Gamers this year?

Tons of major gaming sites have been invited for the show and have already begun their respective Pre-E3 coverage, and there are others who have loved to speculate over the things that are going to occur on show, but even the speculation has become so predictable it isn't fun anymore, so here is a rollout of unique gestures that might occur on the floor, so press play on those customized wish lists as Game Guru rolls this piece out into the street.

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snoop_dizzle3906d ago

lots and lots of awesomeness

MK_Red3906d ago

Agreed. But sadly my favorite games are coming 2008 (Fallout3, MK8 and Burnout Paradise) but some of the best are coming this year: Bioshock, Mass Effect and R&Clanks... One of hte best years for gaming.

snoop_dizzle3906d ago

this year and the beginning of next year is going to have an orgy of awesome games.

Daxx3906d ago

Nice choice of words, lol.

snoop_dizzle3906d ago

i have strange visions of it every night.

Morbius4203906d ago

I just hope Shenmue 3 is one of them.

Zaskark23906d ago

XPX the X-Box-Xtreme kinda funny that this is microsofts first portable product and sony should make those people crying about the price and games finally shut-up I mean look at what vids peole are making

Mikey_Gee3906d ago

I am trying to not be bias either way, but regardless, these songs are funny and raise some decent points. I know the 360 and MS has blurred facts in the past as well, but these vids are GOLDEN in reminding you about that has and is still going on every day.

BTW, check out the other vids on that page link as well ... WAY TO FUNNY !!

TheExecutive3906d ago

That many a fanboys will have heart attacks, but the few remaining will lash out at each other for weeks and weeks after.

johnnywit3906d ago

I hope peter more pulls down his pants and has a tattoo on his balls that says, sony insert mouth here. I hope killzone 2 looks so good our eyes explode. ANNNNNNDDDDD I hope every copy of mario galaxies comes with a bag of shrooms. This is going to be the best E3 ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.