Sony Releases Working PlayStation 3 Hardware, Hell Freezes Over

The PlayStation needs to be on its side to avoid overheating. The PlayStation 2 won't read blue-bottom discs. The PSP suffers from dead pixels and unresponsive square buttons. The PlayStation 3 fails to...

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nice_cuppa3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

but i got to say in the 360 3 year warranty thread people were talking allot of smack and all i could think was ..
i never got a check from Sony for the 3 ps1's and 2 ps2's i had to get repaired.

chasegamez3759d ago

if you want a check go buy a pair of nikes

funkysolo3759d ago

people are complaining about M$ because the hardware failure is so high. Every electronic device has 3-5 percent failure rate at launch, 360 has 25-30 percent which is extremely high. They launch the 360 early to gain a year on Sony and now they're going to lose alot more because of it. PS3 is not going anywhere, so people talking about PS3 being dead is plain stupid.

When microsoft release original details about the 360, Bill gates himself said it will have an HDDVD drive, every system will have a harddrive and I was find with that even if it would release at $500 but better features and hardware quality. Hell i even paid $550 for my premium so what that tells

crazymad593759d ago

I got a PS1 at launch and it still works perfectly. I got a PS2 at launch and it still works perfectly. I got a PSP at launch and it still works perfectly. I got a PS3 at launch and no problems to date(not that this article is saying that i should be having problems, just making a note of it). Am I just lucky or are there others with no problems from sony?

Lord Anubis3759d ago

you are not the only one, My PS1 still works, my ps2 still works and both my psps still work although one has the screen shattered because I dropped it in a crow bar :P

DrPirate3759d ago

Same here, never had a problem with PS1 (and that console even got stepped on and thrown once), never had a problem with PS2, or PSP. My PS3 is in a confined area and it's still going strong.

DarkJedi3759d ago

You're far from alone. Remember there were over 100million psone's and over 120million ps2 sold in their lifetime. With that kind of market share, you're bound to find a few that have problems, but in Sony case it was still a miniscule percentage of the total amount of consoles out there.

I'm in the same boat as you, ps1: perfect. Ps2, perfect. PSP, perfect. Ps3, perfect. Hell, my PS3 has only ever crashed once, and I wouldn't call it a crash if there was a powercut :)

My 360 however... well all three of them now have gone the same way, ring of death. In the process of getting my fourth sent to me as I type this. There's 10.5 Million 360's in the wild, 2.5 million of those are replacements.

macalatus3759d ago

same here...but nearly perfect! My old, first gen PS1 still works (though CD drive mechanisms are a bit worn out after years of use), the PS2 (a "first day launch" PS2 BTW but had it repaired only once for FREE by Sony). My PS3 is still rockin' except for that occasional, annoying BT headset dropouts (hint: avoid Motorola H350 BT headsets like a plague!). Still, all of my three PS generation consoles work fine.

3759d ago
SWORDF1SH3758d ago

i never had a problem with any of my sony consoles and i never heard of any of my mates having any problems. the 360 on the other hand, i hear about the problems they have with theres all the time. when i had a 360 the damn thing kept freezin on me. what is suprising is how they have had little bad press over it. it seems like everybody is against the ps3 this gen. if ps3 had the same problems has the 360 i kno they would of been sent to hell for it by the press. the press on generally have to stop being biased.

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power of Green 3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Sony batteries and car Stereo's and more. Its a wonder how they get away with it how its alright when they make crap products all the time. Its ok for Sony fanboys to talk sh*t about MS ignoring Sony's sh*t is crap but when MS's stuff is crap they go ape sh*t.

CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! How long will PS3 last before the CRAP breaks with people already having disc loader problems plus the drive is used to play Too many movies and games it also has a sh*tty warrenty. The 360 crap box has the best warrenty incase of crap hardware
while the PS3 warrenty will expire just before Sony's hardware turns crap.

#3.1 never had a broken 360 with RROD the red rings do not mean the 360 is broken they have several meanings besides harware issues.

chasegamez3759d ago

dont be mad because you had 2 send your 360 back twice

Tabasco3759d ago

Sony has a three year warranty dude, yeah it's not free but i bought it. Plus not everybody has the extra three year MS warranty only people with previous problems with their X-box so 67% of people don't have that warranty, want to argue numbers okay lets say the x-box failure rate is 20% the 80% of owners don't have that warranty. PLus shut up you know the ps3 wont die.

sak5003759d ago

Once they actually start using their ps3s we'll see what the failure rate will be. It might not be as high as 360 but there will bound to be issues. Let few games come to ps3 and let them dust off the console and start playing games.

Tabasco3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Yeah I've heard that from you at least three times now. How about this, Once I'm Done Watching blu-ray movies, playing games, using Linux (which works awesome and i completely recommend to everybody) , listing to music, and Folding at Home All of which i done most days, I'll tell you how well my ps3's doing and if it seems like it gonna break.

CannonB83759d ago

Your comment says that the 360 has the best hardware in case of crap hardware. Funny, I thought M$ just increased the warranty time period BECAUSE of crap hardware. Hmmmmmmmm.....

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power of Green 3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I have an launch Xbox and it still works perfectly

I have a close to launch 360 and it still works with no RROD.

#2 whats your point? millions can say that about the Xbox consoles. This does not mean people dont get the RROD or that PS2 owners were not taking their PS2's apart because Sony would not fix them or people gave up after they kept breaking.

I'v seen PS2's that no longer looked like PS2's the probelam was so bad the average consumer became a PS2 techie and rigged them to work "sometimes".

There was also a huge batch of defective PS3's that lauched in some small asian country awhile back and Sony covered it up fast not to mention there are reports of the disc loader failures on the PS3 already.

cartman3133759d ago

You enjoy pulling bull$hit out of your a$$?

Phytonadione3759d ago

I heard about that incident. I think it was in small Asian country and the biggest problem was in its capitol city, Raccoon City. I'm pretty sure Sony was able to cover up the incident by sending the dreaded elite SDF to exterminate the survivors and then proceeded to nuke the entire city. I mean, come on, just because of a couple defective PS3s? I too thought it was a little overboard.

macalatus3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Dear POG, I hope you don't mind I dissect your "arguments" and reveal the fallacies found within them.

1. ARGUMENT: I'v seen PS2's that no longer looked like PS2's the probelam was so bad the average consumer became a PS2 techie and rigged them to work "sometimes".
FALLACY: "I've" is the keyword here. It means that you've made a
conclusion based on very (and I mean "very")small samples gathered by your very (once again, "very") informal, personal observation. That means you chose to declare something that you only wanted to see.

2. ARGUMENT: There was also a huge batch of defective PS3's that lauched in some small asian country awhile back and Sony covered it up fast not to mention there are reports of the disc loader failures on the PS3 already.
FALLACY: A very contradictory argument for one reason. For a company that is well-known in the media for "failures", the fact that this story somehow "escaped" the media's attention is a little bit strange. Also, if Sony managed to cover it up, how in the devil's name did this story leak out (hint: show us a RELIABLE source)? Since you named the alleged "victim" country as just "some small Asian country", this strongly points to either you made this story up or you got this from a rather unreliable source.

Antan3758d ago


Easy there fella, please remember POG (by his own words) is very rarely wrong!

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TriggerHippie3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I'm a Sony fan but this article is just flame bait. We have already seen the articles about less then 1% failure rate, ect ect... so I think this shouldnt get put through. And my ps1 and ps2 also still have no problems crazymad59, but mine werent launch consoles. But problems do exist. Some people just don't believe it till it happens to them but it happend with the ps1, ps2, 360, ect.

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