PSU: E3 Predictions

With E3 around the corner, PSU thought they'd share their thoughts on what is to be expected at this years E3. Predictions include:

1. Sony will show PlayStation Home and announce the release of the Open Beta on the PlayStation Network.

2. The new SIXAXIS with rumble and "Touch Sense" will be shown and be available for hands-on.

3. Sony reveals new media and details on forgotten titles such as Eight Days, The Getaway, Africa, and Eyedentify...

4. Bioware will reveal its new PlayStation 3 title.

5. FarCry 2 and New Prince of Persia Project announced by Ubisoft.

6. Killzone, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, ect all shown.

And More...

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hotshot12374033d ago

with all these great games comin out. im just wonderin if killzone doesnt live up 2 the hype then people might overlook the good and just look at killzone. the worst that could happen 2 sony is killzone not living up to the hype and mgs4 going multiplatform. which im not sure bcuz if people stop just talkin b4 they get their info. they would know that kojima is a very loyal sony person. he's always talkin about it.

EZCheez4033d ago

I'm dying to see something new about KZ2, and as far as MGS4 goes, I've pretty much stopped caring if it does go to the 360. As long as they make the game for the PS3, which they obviously are, I'll be just fine.

TriggerHippie4033d ago

More of the same just from a diff source...

funkysolo4033d ago

as long as Kojima is taking avantage of the power of the PS3, if it turns out they are both releasing at the same time, then you will know that's not the case and I would not buy a half azz game.

AllroundGamer4033d ago

man, this waitin for the E3 is killing me!! I want to see more stuff from LittleBigPlanet :)

QuackPot4033d ago

LBP is going to be a major console seller.

Everybody's going to want the cute little rascals.

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The story is too old to be commented.