Q&A: Peter Moore on new 360 warranty

GS: So just to be clear, this is retroactively affecting all Xbox 360s from the beginning production batch onwards?

PM: That's correct. If you've already had a "three red light" problem, and you paid us to fix it for you, we're going to give you that money back. And if you purchased one last week, or the week before, you've got three years of warranty to cover this problem. ...

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jcosens4003d ago

Oh! great so my console I bought two years ago has just given me the red ring of. Microsoft say don't worry we will extend the warranty on all xbox360 for three years, Basically they are admitting the machines where badly put together from the start. So I wait 25 days and Microsoft will fix my machine and send it back, not with a fresh warranty for another three years, so I guess the repair isn't going to be some amazing fix just a patch job. So what do I do if the machine goes bang in a year?
I will do what most people who are burned will do and go buy a ps3, they don't appear to cook themselves. I fear this is where the wheels start to fall of the xbox360 cart.

highps34003d ago

What happends if you have 2 red lights then is it covered? What about other issues with the console like corrupted display is that covered for 3 years or just the 3 rrod lights?

genix134003d ago

No, it wouldn't be covered, only the RROD problem is covered with 3 years, the rest is just one

power of Green 4003d ago

We already now this i see Sony fanboys still trying to twist this into a dooms day issue still trying to turn a good thing into a bad thing this problem isn't going to magiclly cause the masses to buy a PS3 anymore than people wanting to buy a GameCube because of PS2 issues. Is this the only way you people can feel confident in the PS3?(what will you have once the problem is phased out you might aswell save yourself the trouble. lol

Silver3604003d ago

It took them this long to identify that it was a manufacturing problem. Now that they know what is causing the problem They will fix it for free. All other problems are not caused by this manufacturing fault. They are just problems with individual machines. They are not part of the system wide issue so they are not covered unless you have a warrenmty.

TheMART4003d ago

@ jcosens

So lets go buy a Bottleneck 3 and only be able to play some BluRay movies? nah dude

You never had a 360, only some PS3 fanboys being jerks.

It seems the PS3 is going down since its launch and nothing can stop that. Launch in Europe was great, after that when the fanboys stopped buying for that crazy price, it isn't bought as much anymore. As is everywhere around the world.

About 3 days to go when MS probably will slaughter Sony/PS3 again

Close_Second4002d ago

...but I am sick of this site. All you get is flamebait war after flamebait war. Nobody is going to change their opinion of either format based on the comments most people post.

Basically if your a PS3 fan great, f**k off and go play your PS3 and stop posting comments that show that a lack maturity or any ability to step back and look at the bigger picture. Same goes for 360 owners.

I wish this site would make you subscribe to a particular format so you can't post comments against other formats. If you try beat the system and subscribe to multiple formats then once you receive a certain number of negative votes against that format then again, you cannot post any further comments against the format. Additionally, if you soley subscribe to the PS3 then you can't post any stories about the 360 and vice versa.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4002d ago

I can understand if you dislike some of the ignorant comments made by Sony fanboyz but shouldn't you at least try it (PS3) before passing judgment on it!? :)

Covenant4002d ago

What a bewildering mix of honesty and corporate double-talk. (He used the word "data" more often than Jean-Luc Picard!)

But it's good to FINALLY see them owning up to the problem, and working to fix it. First they need to fix existing defective consoles, then they need to make the necessary changes to production to prevent this from happening as much in the future. (What if they could eventually have that 5-7% failure rate that they were claiming for so long...maybe even less...that would be welcome)

Then, they need to work DAMN hard to rebuild public trust. That's going to take a lot more than just money.

Still love my system...and I have both Best Buy's replacement plan, and MS's 3-year warranty...just in case. :)

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