Resident Evil 5 cast revealed?

Last week, CTZ had the pleasure of joining John Martone and God Len for Spoiler-San. As they shot the sh*t on all things Cowboy Bebop, they started digging around IMDB for information on the voice actors. God Len came across Wendee Lee's profile and they saw that she has been cast in Resident Evil 5. So unless Capcom decides to completely change the game from this day forth, here's a list of the characters that will be making an appearance in RE5:

Alyson Court... Yoko Suzuki
Tara Platt... Jill Valentine
Michael Gough... Osmund Saddler
Wendee Lee... Rita

Richard Waugh... Albert Wesker
Sally Cahill... Ada Wong (voice)
James Harper... Ozwell E. Spencer
Dan Cool... Steve Burnside

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nice_cuppa3938d ago

i love me some resi but how about 3-6 months before release.

Marcello3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

This cant be true, if so come on Capcom this is getting really silly now!! lets see Wesker died in RE1 but comes back to life, Steve Burnside died in RE:CV but is now thus coming back & and now Saddler from RE4 has survived being blown to bits ??? oh and nice cuppa this wont be out for at least another year :(

Edit: oh forgot to mention that Ada Wong had supposedly died in RE2 aswell but yes you guessed it comes back

MADGameR3938d ago

Steve is still alive. If you play RE Code Veronica again you will see that Steve was taken by Wesker's men. Steve still has the Veronica virus in him so he can't die. He probably is in control of it now. He probably was dead and then brought back to life by the virus. I don't really get the Saddler thing. How the heck is he alive....Leon slaughtered him completely with the R. Launcher. I think the most interesting part of all is that Spencer will actually make his appearance! Ozwell E. Spencer the man behind it all!

ShAkKa3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

lets see Ada was in RE4 and she didn`t die so she could be in the game,Wesker has been in almost every RE game and im sure he`ll be in this one too, sadler and steve are completly dead so they shouldn`t be,yoko? i don`t want that bi--c on any game,isn`t spencer from the movie? jill i would like to see her again but i still think chris will be the lead character that is pretty cool because maybe claire(my favorite virtual girl ever) will be there too. oh who that freak is rita?

Auron3938d ago

Does'nt Alyson Court play Claire Redfield?

Denam3938d ago

She was one of the playable characters on both resident evil outbreak series, she had some important role with the plot (last mission on file # 1), can't remember what it was...

The_Firestarter3938d ago

We need more info on RE5!!! I want screenshots, or a short gameplay video. Even a new trailer! More RE5 please. :)

darkvenom3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

like that Jill Valevtine is back but i was also hoping for Chris Redfeild since he's my favorite character.

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The story is too old to be commented.