Ninja Gaiden Sigma Sells 450,000 copies

The Japanesse site Bloomberg states that more then 400,000 copies of Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PS3 have be sold. Here is a Google translation.

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nice_cuppa4031d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

i cant get crap from the translation though.

For PS3 sale of software “NINJA GAIDEN ##” worldwide was favorable. In the country June, in Europe and America sale was started in July, you say that 450,000 book was already sold.

what ?

who says ?

when do the npd numbers come out ?

thanks jam9. do you have the link ?

too many losers.

is it too stores or from stores too people ?

jam94031d ago

Tecmo said so in the interphase achievement expectation (not sure this term is correct or not. It's something Tecmo announced to the stakes holders in the middle of year how they achieved the sales plan of the year).

So, I guess it's not the number how many copies are sold to customers but to shops.

CyberSentinel4031d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

I mean besides blu-ray movies, a 3 year old (last gen) game with no online features will do for the lemmings.

btw...lemmings, I got some fat from a porterhouse steak, I ate only 3 days ago, would you like that as well?

Laughing @ You Pathetic Lemmings

@2.3: "At the moment I am playing Resistance new maps , Oblivion , Super stardust HD , Rainbow six and Ninja gaiden"

I played those games, with the exception of RFOM, as far back as 16 months ago. (oblivion 3/06 - 360) Grats! on just playing them now lemming. (seriously, want that steak trash?).

p.s. I have a laptop next to my 360, so its np for me to pause the game, hit refresh, then reply.

Games I am currently playing, Shadowrun, Overlord, and Darkness.

@2.2 Nice try to get personal information out of me, unfortunately I'm not dumb enough to take the bait, lemming. Lets just say I'm secure enough in the knowledge of who I am, and what I have. I thank god every day for everything I have, and do not feel the need or desire to brag about the things god has blessed me with.

@2.4: Judging from your avatar, it seem to me YOUR the one with skeletons in your basement.

@2.5: WOW? REALLY? Come to think of it, even Space Invaders had a leaderboard in 1978. Welcome to next gen gaming, lemming!!!

@2.7: Believe what you want.

TriggerHippie4031d ago

And if they have a 360 all they have is another generic FPS. So what are you trying 2 say?

FFVIIFan4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Do you even own ANY system? I seriously doubt it. I also seriously doubt that you have any friends, relationships, a job, ... basically I doubt you have a life. So here is what you do, start working out because you just sound like an absolutely pathetic couch potato, get a new word, because any girl will smack you silly after you've said lemmings 3 times in under a minute, and move on, because with all the negativity you give Sony it sounds like you're a disgruntled employee who got fired for company stealing.

dodgefate4031d ago

Dude, you again with the "Lemmings" GROW THE HELL UP!!

"I mean besides blu-ray movies, a 3 year old (last gen) game with no online features will do for the lemmings."

- At the moment I am playing Resistance new maps , Oblivion , Super stardust HD , Rainbow six and Ninja gaiden

"no online features"
- Score Boards (world wide)

So what else do you have to play? oh wait you don't even own a console cause you live on here trying to grow hair on your chest, anyways have fun flaming Cyber going to play a game....

Alvadr4031d ago

Move out of your parents basement and get a life you retard

Raist4031d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

"a 3 year old (last gen) game with no online features will do for the lemmings"

lol. The game has online leaderboards.

Wow, people disagree with me saying the NGS has online leaderboards. Amazing.

And yeah mister cyberthing, space invaders had leaderboards. Were they online ? I don't think so. But if you bash such functions for a single player game, you might as well bash those functions for the 360 ya know.

EZCheez4031d ago

How can you sound religious and be such a jackass in the same comment?

Maybe you should ask yourself "What Would Jesus Post?"

Torch4031d ago

You dare mention God as part of your rant!

Tell me, which God would you be referring to???

...Yeah, I'm sure that God is really, really proud of your condescension, trolling, bashing, negativity, and anal retention towards others, as nothing more than a desperate means to cover your own loneliness and insecurities.

Contradicting ignoramus.

Russbomb4030d ago

You think that appreciation is enough to satisfy yourself?

If you are living in your parents basement, have no friends, relationships, jobs or otherwise then how do you stand yourself not being a part of society and leeching off of your own parents?

Instead of appreciation maybe you should ask for forgivness and not only from god but to your parents as well for not doing anything with all of the gifts they have given you?

Appreciation is great but being a good person is a lot more than words uttered in prayer its action.

If I have offended you by misinterpretting your current conditiion then I apologize but if I am partially right about your living conditions and social status then think about who you are and what you are doing.

cr33ping_death4030d ago

cyberb!tch still complaining about all things PS3 huh. poor kid cant afford a PS3 so all he can do is b!tch. i wonder how many times he asks his GOD to give him a PS3 even if has to go out and steal one. MS fans like this that should be looked down upon by other MS fans,instead of applauding what this kid does, same thing goes for certain PS3 when this site gets out of the beta stage, will there be mods for the site?

Why o why4030d ago

ive heard you state before that you've been a gamer for around 2 decades. DOES ANYBODY BELIEVE YOU ARE ANYWHERE NEAR 30 YEARS OF AGE (earth years) IF you are you need to cut off your internet connection because it now has you caught in its web of false living. be careful, Net Need is REAL and i think you have it. Either that or sony really did build an efficient factory where the room you stayed in use to be. sentinels are robots so i guess you aint even trying to hide that so kool

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ALI G4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

"For PS3 sale of software “NINJA GAIDEN ##” worldwide was favorable. In the country June, in Europe and America sale was started in July, you say that 450,000 book " instead of units it is books , how reliable than the numbers ????????????

Russbomb4030d ago

Its the google translator that translates words the numbers will remain the same.

And other places have reported similar numbers in sales as well.

MK_Red4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Actually, a lot of game sales news come from Bloomberg and they are accurate. I also believe than Google translation doens't change the numbers.

Back to topic, great news. Cant wait to play this game.

kewlkat0074031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Then again the PS3 fans have been, can you say starving for new games, even though this is a remake.

So stop the Folding, BD watching, Resistance/Motorstorm replaying and go out and purchase this game.

Yes I know more games on the way...On another note, READ ALI G's comment? WTF..

Maddens Raiders4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

you chime in on what games we're playing. Because despite what you're writing...there are a hell of a lot of games that I play all week long on my PS3, plus all of the extra goodies that the bulletproof machine allows me to do for free. Veiled self-agrandizement and condescending remarks only make you look a slight bit confused and desperate. And I for one know that, that's not you're too good for that, so Grow up and stop throwing the i.e.d.'s out the back window. All three systems are coming along and this genration couldn't be getting off to a better start. I am a Super Satisfied PlayStation owner and have been since '94, and played Ninja Gaiden on my nes since '88, so to talk "down" to Sony players is somewhat laughable when this game has been around this long as if Microsoft invented it or something.

The XBox version was excellent, but so is Sigma in it's own right and subtle differences, so to say, "I played that already" is (by so many fanboys) just showing a level of insecurity which doesn't need to be revealed. SNE needs this game to move off the shelves and I'm glad it is. Devs need to see that the sleepy PlayStation Nation is still out there and alive, waiting for the NEXT....

This shows that if you build it (correctly ahem..Bethesda, Ubisoft).. they will come. I'm sure NG2 will blow all of our socks off too so we'll just have to wait for it.

Hmmm now R6V or the Darkness which should I play now...., or maybe MLB '07 The Show?

Aww's beautiful outside...I'll probably head down to float the river for a while and gawk @ some TEXAS hotties. C u all later =]


socomnick4030d ago

Is it true that everything is bigger in Texas, I hope so cause I like me the big chicks :/

kewlkat0074030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

but looking at the trends, with games that have been most talked about and have sold well, I'm not going to dabble in what one likes over the other the past 7+ months the PS3 has been on the market.

Yes you can only speak for yourself. But the numbers do not lie. If every PS3 games was online, we could have a better picture of what
games have been played on a daily bases besides by going with the numbers.

For one thing all I have seen is

Gamers Folding, watching mad HD movies, and playing like 2 great games.Of course I see other trends , like guys like you owing 5 PS3's and gazillion software, but I wouldn't classify you as the the average casual gamer, would we?

IMO, you might think other games are great but come on, who you fooling how many great titles?

Plus we consistantly hear the PS3 has needed more games, not just from Sony themselves, but from Gamers that have had the PS3, as well as those who are waiting to buy one. While you can speak for yourself since you have a gazillion games and HD movies, for which you love them all and think they are all great, I beg to differ.

It's OK to justify yourself for being early adopter, since you have the means of such luxury, Sh!t even I know Sony needs more good titles. No need to get all defensive, I know you enjoy your PS3, just I know a lot that haven't done much and waiting for titles. there..there, it's that simple.

Maddens Raiders4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

kewlkat. We're still cool and I would hope that this wouldn't change the situation that much. All I'm saying is it's not good to generalize because believe it or not kewl, some people are just having fun playing on the PS3. Unless you're watchig all PS3 owners 24/7 around the world how would you know what "we" are all playing? NGS is awesome yes, but I can easily throw in the Darkness or R6V or Oblivion and those games work for me and are GREAT on the PS3 and the 360. I just really didn't see the need to talk "down" to PS3 fans when there are planty of us playing PS3 games out right now that you don't hear about kewl. I think the games are (multiplat.) coming along better and that they're starting to come alive on the PS3 when the devs put in a little sweat equity. ~ That was my point. =]

btw - I did not push disagree with either time.


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