Heavenly Sword Footage from Gamer TV

I promised a few people that I will get the entire show down for those who did not watch it. Unfortunately I won't be able to do this for a few days, atleast with a good quality version. So taking desperate measures, I've decided to record the show off my SDTV using a cell phone.

The quality isn't good, at all, but you don't miss anything and you can still appreciate the impressive graphics of this game. By the way, I was sold this morning after watching the show. It's a must-buy for me now.


HQ version has been added

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timmyp533848d ago

lol.... those levels look massive and fun. Heavenly Sword HD video please.

timmyp533848d ago

"i" , which is present in this stories description.
Edit: its okay he is just a trainee =)

PSN Starfleets3848d ago

I am Apollo :)

And like I said in the forums, I will post a better quality link there in the upcoming days. I promise.

Maddens Raiders3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

this was a great find and an excellent effort my man. I cannot WAIT to get my hands on Nari-.... ahem, Heavenly Sword. =]

I feel so silly, because I wasn't aware that you could play as her sister and that the Sword actually kills you as time goes on. Andy Serkis brings a real air of legitimacy to the game and the full blown orchestra is a helluva nice touch. My prediction: Heavenly Sword will move large amounts of PS3's on its own merit. Thanks again Apollo.

Violater3848d ago

Cellphone vids or not, I got bloody goosebumps when watching.
This game was the reason I bought my PS3 and my anticipation just shot through the bloody roof.

And maddens keep your eye off my Nariko lol.

TheExecutive3848d ago

I thought they changed the story line so she didnt die... I remember reading that somewhere, but where? Anyone know?

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nextgengaming183848d ago

And now I have no doubts. This game looks like the perfect blend between ninja gaiden, and god of war. It looks really good, and the ai looks amazing. The animations to look amazing.

Premonition3848d ago

Just seeing it on a bad cam like this, but seeing how good it looks even from that point of view is WOW, the field and armies upon armies are massive the details are nice, I mean WOW.

kingboy3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

nice post,hundreds of enemies on screen for slashing.That level where she use`s her bazooka is wicked..damn!

lol disagree as much as u want b*tch it`s stunning

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The story is too old to be commented.