Did Microsoft and Apple Betray Consumers?


"I am starting to wonder if companies treat holiday weeks (in the US, at least) like politicians treat late Friday afternoons, as the most opportune time to release bad news in hopes their constituents attention is elsewhere. That of course is a cynical interpretation, and in the case of both Microsoft and Apple, probably not true. Still, we can certainly point to this week as a bad-news week when it comes to these technology behemoths and some of their biggest consumer products."

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THAMMER13886d ago

how many people who about to flame this article will actually read it?

xbox360elitegamer3886d ago

I don't think they are betraying, it just they are experiencing problems with there customers and need to fix them fast, before they loose there customers. Need to help as more!!!

DgDX3886d ago

This subject is getting really really boring...

omansteveo3886d ago

I wonder how many comments this would have already if apple wasnt in the title

calderra3886d ago

How is a $1billion warranty program a betrayal? Interesting.

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