Nascar 08 - New Screens

Check out the 8 new in-game screenshots of Nascar 08.

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ReconHope4002d ago

are only fun if u go the wrong way and crash a whole bunch of times and at the end of the race watch the your i know this from experience, dont ask.

Ignorant Fanboy4002d ago

Get burnout if you like crashing.

level 3604002d ago

This is the most stupid form of racing ( real or virtual ). Period. Definitely not one of America's best ideas in this type of motorsport.
Going round and round and waiting for anyone to finally crash onto ( the barriers/opponents ). That's all really. Utter nonsense.
It's only the pride distinction/connection with the brand ( whether your a Chevy, Dodge... fan ) that's keeping it going.
The cars don't even look that too pleasing to the eyes ( boring, monotonous - same as the races ).

Danielson4002d ago

I don't really like Nascar, but it looks ok, its kinda cartoony looking to me though. Maybe it looks better in motion

xbox360elitegamer4002d ago

I'm a huge Nascar fan, so I can't wait till race day(when the game comes out)!!!