Interview: Fischer says Wiimote is the difference

The big story of the past 12 months has been the rise of Nintendo. Develop editor Michael French spoke to Nintendo Europe's marketing director Laurent Fischer about new platform for downloadable games Wii Software and how the company plans to keep growing the market…

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ChickeyCantor3941d ago

" How do you think it will compare to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store?

My simple answer to that is that developers will be able to use the Wiimote. [laughs]

And you think that’s enough?

Yes, I’d say so. The key point is that it’s Wii Software. When you see how the Wii games look and how people enjoy them when playing with the Wiimote, it’s clearly an attractive proposition.

am i missing something...because its the wiiware channel and not playstation store?
or am i just missing the bad joke?

timmyp533940d ago

is the major seller.. the fad never existed i suppose.

ALI G3940d ago

some arcade titles are going to be multiplatform, so the experince will be the same in PS3 and X360, but in the wii the wii mote will add that little bit to it