Haze - New Footage

Check out the new footage for the game, Haze.

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Rowe3849d ago

They didnt mention the 360 at all in that video, is it looking more likely that this could maybe be an exclusive.

Violater3849d ago

in the last portion of the video when the guy goes upstairs to check on the sound for the vehicles, the controller in the video is blurred, I suspect it was the 360 controller as all the other videos they actually showed the Ps3 controller.
Don't believe the Exclusivity hype, this is first and foremost a 3rd party title from UBISOFT.
I am betting simultaneous release for this game.

With that said back to Sigma

ALI G3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Is Haze multiplatform? You only mentioned PS3 last night at the conference
Doak:So "we're going to be on 360 and PC but at the moment our big focus is PS3 "
CVG INTERVIEW 25/05/2007

David Doak: We're working on development on all platforms. It's just looking at the way to best get the return on the investment of making the game. And part of that is it's a timing thing; late 2007 will be a good time to be coming out on PlayStation 3 and saying here is Free Radical's next-gen game. EUROGAMER INTERVIEW 11/06/07

RESPECTTTTTTTTTTTTTT can be shown by given some bubbles

MoonDust3849d ago

"Haze is the one, Haze is going to blow you away. We will show you what next gen consoles can do."
Consoles is the key word. More than one.

Lord Anubis3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

its actually the PS3 controller, i wonder why they are blurring it though because the guy does say it the PS3 version and the programmer is revising the demo.

Edit, the sound and vheicles its acually a black controller with a black cable, but with the sunlight reflection it looks black. Take a close look when the controller is handed to the other guy.

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THAMMER13849d ago

I would like to see more game play though.

Rowe3849d ago

Ah sorry didnt notice that violater,
yeh it you flick to 10:40 the controller is blurred but is a definte white colour, most like a 360 controller

Premonition3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

I dont know what fool disagreed with you, but everyone that has 20/20 vision could see the blurred controller was indeed the 360 controller. I mean I've never seen a white PS3 controller, and why would they blurr out the PS3 controller when they have already showed it?

Just disagreeing more makes you look stupid, but keep up the good job guys.

riqued3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

I think the withe color is because of the light, if you pay attention you will see that he moves the left stick like a ps3 controller not like the xbox.

But this video is old, when Haze was a ps3 exclusive, all changed now

PSTripleOG3849d ago

haha.... admit it xbots the brit developers have a Brain...

TheMART-sucksdick3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Hes quite right. This game is being Developed on PS3 and Ported to the 360. Its the same with Burnout Paradise, The developer Alex ward is a total PS Fanboy. lol

Edit: I agree THAMMER1, good point...

Edit: Ive just been reading about Burnout Paradise and its 4 time the size of GTA San andreas. wow

THAMMER13849d ago

Lets wait and see how it turns out. Just because a port from 360 to PS3 dose not work out too well does not mean the opposite will be the same. Just look back a last generation almost every game out was a PS2 to XBOX port and the Xbox version was better every singe time. I'm not saying this will be the case here but things do look that way.

Antan3849d ago

My god! 32 igno...........sorry, make that 33 ignores!!!

ALI G3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

did PS3 already got ? i think i cannot count that high
IT does not matter if it port or not as long as the game is good.RB6 vegas is port but it was example of good port while other games just the developer lazy or not lazy that matter.


TheMART3849d ago

@ PStripleOG

Wait a sec... You get all the other ports on your PS3 and they're worse then the 360 ones.

So we get a few ports and you the most? I'm fine with that.
Most funny thing. Ports to 360 mostly get better then the PS3 version.

Another example:

Virtua Fighter 5. Gets the 'C' version of the arcade machine. Better graphics, better framerate, better lightning PLUS an online function the PS3 version lacks.

So I'm pretty fine with that sort of ports. Haze is to support 4 player co-op in game. One small problem, the PS3 never had any co-op games before where you can jump in, like Gears of War. How is Rainbow Six working co-op on the PS3 if working at all?

Anyway, I'll play VF5 that looks better, plus online. So enjoy your cheap BluRay player!

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Loudninja3849d ago

The dves already said many times, the PS3 is 07, the 360 and PC 08

Violater3849d ago

That may change after KZ2 is shown at E3 in
2 DAYS!!!

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