Playstation.Blog: Super Stardust HD

Phil Gaskell previews Super Stardust HD:

"I'm Phil Gaskell, a producer working in External Development here at SCEE Liverpool which just shipped Super Stardust HD. We've been following all of the feedback and praise that you've given this game lately and we wanted to simply say THANK YOU!

SSHD was a fun product to work on and the overall reception has been amazing. I'm honestly quite astounded by the high-scores that some of you have already achieved on this game. Zafro is currently sittin' pretty with more than 640 million. Wow, the gaming community never ceases to amaze me….

For those of you who don't know, Super Stardust HD is a download game available now only via the PlayStation Store, and was developed by a small team in Finland called Housemarque. In the end, the team at Housemarque was able to get over 10,000 active objects with physics and collisions, and over 75,000 particles simulated and drawn at 1080p 60fps…It's truly a sight to see."

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MaximusPrime3878d ago

i love this game. Best download game on PSN. I'm still playing it and shall be playing until the best games for PS3 will come out in a few weeks.

Sevir043878d ago

i just git 26 mill yesterday, it's so addicting.

i think that they should make more planets and add more weapons over downloadable instalments. because 5 planets even though they have five phases is way too little, i'd say 2 more planets and 2 new weapons and a new shield would increase it's already awesome replayablity. oh and some new rock or substance to use the weapons effectively against. any who back to playing this game

HandShandy3878d ago

There is a premium download patch for it coming out soon.

Yeah it's an awesome game, if you liked this look out for Nucleus

Marty83703878d ago

I wonder what the patch does.

Snake_Doctor3878d ago

for downloadable games!!!
I probably will still get it but in the future give me a demo Sony.