New Heavenly Sword Impressions and Screens From UK Show

The UK Show Bravo featured Heavenly Sword, and with it some new unseen exclusive footage, which has yet to hit the web. However, what we do have are impressions and screens (some showing Nariko with a bazooka against a large army).

Kai is playable and is very different to Nariko, using a crossbow, and you can guide the projectiles with the sixaxis or the analogue sticks.

New cutscenes show the incredible emotions shown in the facial animation.

The stances (distance, speed and power I think) have a big part to play and pressing triangle at the right time whilst blocking launches a counter. There are two levels of counter. If you get the timing perfect you do a badass counter that kills your main target and knocks down surrounding enemies. You have to tailor your attack and stance to the type of opponet you're facing. And it appeared as if combat scenarios weren't limited to one type of opponent.

It's very simple to perform "superstyle" moves. Just press O. You have a superstyle gauge, not sure if it refills over time or through pickups.

The sheer number of characters on screen at times is astounding and the graphics are awesome, especially the lighting. The latest build of the game was shown and the framerate is looking steady, should be no problems by the time it ships.

(Credits justjohn Neogaf, Slider B3d and Mist PS3forums)

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TriggerHappy3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

deep..but is all gud though.....:)

btw..great the new artowrks

Sevir043913d ago

all i have to say is for a game thats MS's sloppy seconds it's certainly making all the games on PS3 and xbox 360 and Wii look like straight up Poo, yes even lair which has everything on all platforms smelling like Dragon Piss. i cant wait for this or Lair. Damn it hurry the frig up. lol!! great find deep, i like this alot. cant wiat for E3.

Contra263913d ago

the hair is terrible
the only nice curves is the booty and the upper booty...

everything else like... clothes, arms, face... looks too straight..

Ugly pictures

nasim3913d ago

those games make x360 look just too generic